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I’d not be sur­prised to see a record fish out this au­tumn

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ISEE that some big old bream are com­ing out of one of my old stamping grounds – Waltham­stow Reser­voirs.

I fished there in my very early teens when my un­cle worked for the old Metropoli­tan Wa­ter Board and got me a sea­son ticket for a ‘guinea’ (£1.05) way be­fore I was legally al­lowed.

In those days Waltham­stow was home to some very big bream, although I could never catch them.

I did have some de­cent roach, small skim­mers, perch and even ruffe, which were a nui­sance when fish­ing mag­gots, so bread was the bait.

Fol­low­ing mul­ti­ple stock­ings and move­ments of fish, many of the lakes turned into out-and­out carp wa­ters, although there have al­ways been bream around, some of them very large in­deed and also still able to avoid me.

Ob­vi­ously, with so many carp be­ing stocked, the risk of KHV is al­ways there and last year there were many dead fish... maybe not iden­ti­fied as KHV vic­tims but I’m cer­tain in all such cases that the con­stantly mu­tat­ing virus is at least cul­pa­ble.

Now what’s hap­pened is the bream are seem­ingly eas­ier to catch, and even bigger than ever.

They are not be­ing bul­lied out of the trough by carp, and I would not be at all sur­prised if the good old ‘Stow’ pro­duces a very spe­cial fish this au­tumn, pos­si­bly even a record.

“What’s hap­pened is the bream are seem­ingly eas­ier to catch, and even bigger than ever”

Waltham­stow. It wouldn’t shock me if a record bream was caught here very soon.

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