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How do you feel about the Grif­fith’s re­cep­tion?

“I feel very pos­i­tive. The re­ac­tion shows us we have the right de­sign, which is vi­tal for a project like this. If you don’t have a car peo­ple like, it re­ally doesn’t mat­ter how well you make it. Mind you, we’ve still got to ex­e­cute it…”

How will you tackle the next phase, pro­duc­tion?

“We’ll have the fac­tory kit­ted out by the Welsh au­thor­i­ties in the se­cond quar­ter next year, but in the mean­time, we’re us­ing a smaller place in Wales for train­ing and de­vel­op­ing the process. So when we get the keys, we should be easy to go.”

Do you feel daunted, us­ing a new process in a new fac­tory?

“Not re­ally. You’ve got to re­mem­ber that istream isn’t rocket science. It uses a lot of fa­mil­iar pro­cesses in a novel way. And it’s hand­man­u­fac­ture. We’ll be able to train our peo­ple be­fore we move into the main fac­tory.”

What’s your lat­est pre­dic­tion for de­liv­er­ing cus­tomer cars?

“We’ve pre­vi­ously talked about the end of 2018, per­haps run­ning into 2019, and that’s still the case.”

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