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TVR has timed its re­veal of the new Grif­fith per­fectly, and come up with just the right car, too.

It looks in­stantly like a new TVR, and its pric­ing and spec­i­fi­ca­tion are at­trac­tive to the per­son seek­ing a ‘toy’ who might once have bought a clas­sic but now sees them as trou­ble­some and bad value.

I’m im­pressed with the car’s com­pact­ness, and with claims for its light weight. I’m also im­pressed with the re­straint of its styling, which re­sists the ex­cesses that TVRS some­times had in the past. That — along with lots more su­per­charged power — can come later. But by show­ing us an un­fet­tered car, TVR has dis­played the ex­cel­lence of its pro­por­tions, and that’s needed nowa­days for a per­for­mance car to be ad­mired by an ever more dis­cern­ing body of buy­ers.

There are big chal­lenges ahead, but the first hur­dle has been cleared with con­sid­er­able ease.

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