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Hi James, I’m look­ing for some­thing for my daugh­ter to learn to drive in. The bud­get is £1500, a su­per­mini is pre­ferred, and I want it to be as safe as pos­si­ble. Bob, Hert­ford­shire

Bob, the safest su­per­mini you can get for that sort of cash is prob­a­bly go­ing to be a Re­nault Clio. Re­nault was par­tic­u­larly hot on safety in the late 2000s, and this era of Clio is now well within your bud­get – and cheap to in­sure, too. Spend your £1500 on a tidy pre-facelift 1.2. We found one in Ex­treme spec with 72,000 miles and a ser­vice his­tory that looked about right. My el­derly mother has £6000 to spend on some­thing high-rid­ing and re­li­able. What would you rec­om­mend? Josh Burn­ing­side, Sur­rey

If you shop and hag­gle hard, you can just about get her into a tidy lit­tle new-shape Nis­san Note for that sort of cash. It isn’t the most ex­cit­ing thing in the world, but it is de­pend­able and prac­ti­cal. If the Note doesn’t float her boat, there’s al­ways the Honda Jazz.

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