5. Falken Euroall Sea­son AS200

Auto Express - - Winter Driving Special -

THERE was lit­tle to split the Falken tyre with its asym­met­ric tread from the sim­i­lar Hankook. They were closely matched through­out; the Euroall Sea­son AS200 just had the edge in the wet and on snow but was un­able to match the Kin­ergy 4S in the dry.

The Falken proved quicker on the dry han­dling cir­cuit, but strug­gled in dry brak­ing, where it needed a me­tre more to stop than the Hankook.

In frozen Fin­land, the Falken had a slight ad­van­tage in all but the snow cir­cle. How­ever, as with the Hankook and the other asym­met­ric tread on test from Toyo, trac­tion while turn­ing was be­hind most di­rec­tional ri­vals.

It was within the top four in the wet tests, but lacked the bite of the best on the wet han­dling track. Care was needed to avoid spin­ning the wheels and los­ing the line through turns.

In rolling re­sis­tance it was fourth, need­ing around three per cent more fuel than the lead­ing Nokian.

“Care was needed to avoid spin­ning the wheels through turns”

Falken starred on dry han­dling track, but strug­gled in snow

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