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The news that the coun­cil spent over £ 4mil­lion on con­sul­tants in just two years sparked fury among read­ers.

John Mur­phy said: “I think it’s bad when thay take on ap­pren­tices for 12 months then kick them out with no money at Christ­mas. Why can’t they find some­thing else for them? Come on South Ayr­shire.”

Penny Mo­han added: “They’re hav­ing meet­ings soon about rent rises in or­der to carry out fu­ture re­pairs ...... tut tut SAC you are a dis­grace and should be well and truly ashamed at what you have spent hon­est peo­ple’s money on. For ex­am­ple cy­cle paths , ar­chi­tects and more that we don’t know about.”

Jimmy Mil­lar said: “Those that can, do. Those that can’t, con­sult. I have found in my years in busi­ness.” Gir­van’s iconic Co- op shut­ting after 80 years to make way for a McColl’s left read­ers in shock.

Libby McKen­zie said: “It was a very sad day for some of us but it’s on­ward and up­wards Gir­van has a lov­ley fur­bished shop and please give it time. Let’s get De­cem­ber over and we will see more changes when Mor­risons will be one of our sup­pli­ers packed un­der the name Safe­way.”

Heather Fer­rans added: “Ours changed to McColls a few months ago and prices have rock­eted, not a few pence on ev­ery­thing but at least 50p on cheaper stuff and more on stuff over a fiver.” The de­bate on whether bounc­ing class­rooms should be in­tro­duced got ev­ery­one talk­ing.

An­gela Gem­mell said: “This is an amaz­ing idea.

“If not for full day but at least half. This will sup­port chil­dren with sen­sory seek­ing and sen­sory de­fen­sive is­sùes.

“The move­ment wi l l sup­port with vestibu­lar and pro­pri­o­cep­tive seek­ing be­hav­iours and al­low those chil­dren to feel part of a group rather than be sin­gled out as a trou­ble maker be­cause they are sen­sory seek­ing.

“I think all teach­ers should have th­ese in the class room and if not in­cor­po­rate sen­sory seek­ing vestibu­lar and pro­pri­o­cep­tive ac­tiv­i­ties in daily lessons. Adults do this it work why can’t chil­dren.”

Mar­sha Ford added: “My son was in the orig­i­nal class last year that took part in the study. He found it much eas­ier to con­cen­trate and was gut­ted that he wasn’t al­lowed to use them again this year.”

But some peo­ple aren’t all for the move­ment. Ja­son Den­ham dis­agrees.

He said: “So in­stead of sit­ting learn­ing maths and English kids nowa­days will be bounc­ing around on space­hop­pers, wouldn’t have hap­pened in my day.”

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