Few red faces after Thump Turn­berry

Char­ity brawlers let them­selves down

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drink­ing wells in Cen­tral Africa.

But hey, – splash­ing a lit­tle cash around will al­ways do more good than bad.

In my Aviemore days, Mrs and Mrs Alis­tair McCoist used the house as a high­land bolt hole – and a ‘ thank you’ was an in­vite to his ta­ble for a Glas­gow Sick Chil­dren’s Hos­pi­tal fundraiser. Ally’s son had been a pa­tient there – and the cause was close to his heart.

On ar­rival, I noted the seat­ing plan dripped with Glas­gow’s ‘ A’ lis­ters – and my own ta­ble com­pan­ions in­cluded Mrs and Mrs Tommy Burns and Mrs and Mrs Ian Dur­rant.

When the auc­tion came up, one of the star prizes was a lit­tle Mercedes con­vert­ible pedal car – ex­cept this one had a bat­tery en­gine! It was the ul­ti­mate toy car. The bid­ding had stopped at £ 2000 – com­pere Andy Cameron was ask­ing for £ 2500 – when Alis­tair whis­pered – “Bob, put your hand up!! “Eh?” “Trust me – put your hand up and bid . . .”.

I did what I was told – then some­one else bid £ 3000! “Go again, go again . . .” said Ally “£ 3500!” I ended up “ghost­ing” Ally’s bid­ding up to £ 4500 – and bought the car.

“What a fan­tas­tic bid from Bob Shields of the Daily Record – let’s hear it for Bob” said Andy Cameron.

I was mor­ti­fied – Ally thought it was hi­lar­i­ous.

And later, he dis­creetly paid the auc­tion with his credit card. “What was all that about?” I asked. “Och, some­times I like to keep a low pro­file . . .” he told me. Low pro­file, eh? There will a few peo­ple who must have wo­ken up red- faced after Turn­berry last week . . . and would sign a blank cheque for a low pro­file!

Brawl Fight broke out at char­ity event for sick chil­dren at Turn­berry

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