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1 First name of the politi­cian who made the in­fa­mous ad­dress dubbed by the press as the ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in Birm­ing­ham in 1968 (5) 4 First sold in 1886 in At­lanta, US as a medic­i­nal tonic, this drink has now be­come an in­ter­na­tion­ally renowned bev­er­age (4,4) 9 Name coined for El­iz­a­beth I by poet Ed­mund Spenser in The Faerie Queene (8) 10 16th/17th-cen­tury Per­sian shah, who se­cured and strength­ened the Safavid dy­nasty (5,1) 11 The for­mer Lord Chan­cel­lor who died at Le­ices­ter, on his way to Lon­don to an­swer charges of trea­son (6) 12 Piers Plow­man, a great ex­am­ple of English lit­er­a­ture, is said to have been writ­ten by the 14th-cen­tury poet, Wil­liam __ (8) 13 Sixth-cen­tury monk and his­to­rian who wrote On the Ruin and Con­quest of Bri­tain (6) 15 The ma­jor ones dur­ing the First World War were Great Bri­tain (and its em­pire), France and the Rus­sian em­pire (6) 18 The state cre­ated in 1948 by the par­ti­tion of Pales­tine (6) 19 West Lon­don film stu­dios fa­mous for clas­sic come­dies of the late 1940s and early 1950s (6) 21 One of Rome’s seven hills, known in leg­end as the lo­ca­tion of the cave where the she-wolf suck­led Ro­mu­lus and Re­mus (8) 23 Bri­tish po­lit­i­cal party es­tab­lished in 1900, as a re­sult of var­i­ous left­wing or­gan­i­sa­tions unit­ing as a sin­gle body (6) 24 Prim­i­tive sort of mis­sile-launcher, in use at least 2,000 years ago (5) 25 Isaac Butt was the first leader of the po­lit­i­cal party, __ __ League, which cam­paigned for Ire­land’s self-gov­ern­ment (4,4) 26 Swedish physi­cist, a founder of spec­troscopy, after whom a unit of length is named (8) 27 Granville __ (1735–1813), bib­li­cal scholar, and one of the first English cam­paign­ers for the abo­li­tion of slav­ery (5)


2 Bri­tish naval com­man­der, shot and killed by a French sniper dur­ing a fa­mous sea bat­tle of 1805 (6) 3 Swedish queen known as ‘Min­erva of the North’, who caused a shock­wave by ab­di­cat­ing for per­sonal rea­sons (9) 4/16 World fa­mous US avi­a­tor whose baby son was kid­napped and mur­dered in 1932 ( 7,9) 5 The body ar­mour worn by me­dieval knights (9) 6 Name for a group of se­cret in­triguers. The ini­tials of the five min­is­ters cho­sen by Charles II for such a role also hap­pen to spell that name (5) 7 Com­man­der of the Spar­tan fleet that de­feated the Athe­ni­ans in the Helle­spont in 405 BC (8) 8/23 down Safety de­vice named after its 18th/19th-cen­tury Cor­nish in­ven­tor, Sir Humphry (4,4) 14 Bank rob­ber shot out­side a Chicago cin­ema in 1934, as a re­sult of an FBI en­trap­ment (9) 16 See 4 down 17 A real-life role for ac­tor John Wilkes Booth in a Wash­ing­ton DC the­atre on 14 April 1865 (8) 19 Worces­ter­shire town, near where the fu­ture Ed­ward I de­feated the army of Si­mon de Mont­fort, who was killed dur­ing the bat­tle ( 7) 20 UK chan­cel­lor of the Ex­che­quer from 1951 un­til 1955, nick­named ‘Rab’ (6) 22 Sir Hardy __, the in­flu­en­tial fash­ion de­signer ap­pointed Queen’s dress­maker in 1955 (5) 23 See 8 down

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