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8 A Cold War episode of 1948– 49 ini­ti­ated by the So­vi­ets oc­cu­py­ing East Ger­many (6,8) 9 Eastern Euro­pean city that be­came the first Rus’ cap­i­tal in the mid-ninth cen­tury (4) 10 An­cient Greek writer renowned for his fa­bles (5) 11 One of the great Chi­nese dy­nas­ties, last­ing from the sev­enth to tenth cen­turies AD (4) 12 Writer and broad­caster Marghanita and po­lit­i­cal sci­en­tist Harold were mem­bers of this An­glo-Jewish fam­ily (5) 13 Richard ___, In­dus­trial re­former whose cam­paign­ing helped prompt the ‘Ten Hours Act’ of 1847 ( 7) 14 Term, named af­ter a bib­li­cal char­ac­ter, ap­plied to the sell­ing of holy or­ders by the church (6) 16 Ir­ish play­wright renowned for his early 20th-cen­tury tragi­come­dies set in the slums of Dublin (6) 20 All that is left of this 12th­cen­tury Cumbrian pri­ory is a church, saved af­ter Henry VIII’s dis­so­lu­tion of the monas­ter­ies ( 7) 22 ___- on-Don, city in south-west Rus­sia where, in Au­gust 1942, the Nazis mas­sa­cred around 27,000 res­i­dents, mostly Jews (6) 24 Crimean battle of Septem­ber 1854 from which the de­feated Rus­sians man­aged to re­treat to Se­bastopol (4) 25 The first process en­abling this item’s cheap mass pro­duc­tion was devel­oped by Henry Besse­mer in 1856 (5) 26 Bartholomew __ (an­gli­cised), the first nav­i­ga­tor known to have rounded the Cape of Good Hope, in 1488 (4) 27 A 13-year pe­riod in US his­tory, noted for the rise of gang­sters such as Al Capone (11,3)


1 Fifth-cen­tury BC politi­cian who played a ma­jor role in the devel­op­ment of the Athe­nian em­pire (8) 2 Ger­man town near the Dutch bor­der, fam­ily seat of the duke whose sis­ter mar­ried Henry VIII of Eng­land (6) 3 Mil­i­tary ac­tion – for ex­am­ple, Nazi Ger­many’s ‘Op­er­a­tion We­serübung’ of April– June 1940 (8) 4 Mary ___, Scot­tish mis­sion­ary to Nige­ria, who gained the re­spect of the lo­cal peo­ple and helped to stop the prac­tice of killing twins ( 7) 5 John T ___, school­teacher who, found guilty in Amer­ica’s no­to­ri­ous 1925 ‘Mon­key Trial’, was fined $100 for teach­ing hu­man evo­lu­tion (6) 6 El­e­gant shop­ping area of Tun­bridge Wells, named af­ter the ma­te­rial with which it was paved in 1700 (8) 7 Ed­ward ___, who de­vised the first suc­cess­ful vac­cine and pi­o­neered the sci­ence of im­munol­ogy (6) 15 Six­teenth-cen­tury Flem­ish car­tog­ra­pher who in­tro­duced the term ‘at­las’ (8) 17 An eastern Euro­pean script named in hon­our of two Byzan­tine mis­sion­ary brothers, St Cyril and St Method­ius (8) 18 English mil­i­tary units raised from vol­un­teers who were farm-own­ers (8) 19 Free­dom fighter Ahmed Ben Bella be­came the first pres­i­dent of this coun­try in 1963, af­ter in­de­pen­dence from France in 1962 ( 7) 20 In Is­lamic his­tory, the leader of a Mus­lim state, Abu Bakr be­ing the first (6) 21 The use of tesserae by the an­cient Greeks el­e­vated this art of sur­face dec­o­ra­tion (6) 23 An old form of trans­port re­quir­ing two ‘chair­men’ (5)

Who was this Scot­tish mis­sion­ary to Nige­ria?(see 4 down)

Of which coun­try did Ben Bella be­come first pres­i­dent? (see 19 down)

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