Coastal ex­ca­va­tors

BBC Wildlife Magazine - - Your Feedback - Keith His­cock, Ply­mouth

Nick Baker (Hid­den Bri­tain, Au­gust 2017) men­tions that a num­ber of ‘bor­ing mol­luscs’ may be the cause of ho­ley rock on the seashore and then de­scribes Pho­las dacty­lus. The reader may as­sume that Pho­las is the only mol­lus­can cause of holes in rock. How­ever, in Collins Pocket Guide to the Sea Shore, J Bar­rett and C Yonge give an ex­cel­lent sum­mary of the wide va­ri­ety of marine or­gan­isms that bore into rock, in­clud­ing Hi­atella (Saxi­cava) gal­li­cana, which is prob­a­bly the com­mon­est on our coasts.

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