‘I be­lieve in spir­its, and not just the liq­uid ones !’

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babe Ampika Pick­ston, 36, chats to us about her ghostly ex­pe­ri­ences and leav­ing the TV re­al­ity show that cat­a­pulted her to fame... What made you want to take part in this re­al­ity TV show? It’s some­thing I’ve al­ways been in­ter­ested in. I’ve been part of a spiritual cir­cle since I was 16, so this isn’t some­thing out of the norm for me. This is some­thing that I’ve em­braced. I’m a big be­liever in spir­its, and not just the liq­uid ones! What’s your most mem­o­rable ghostly en­counter? It’s when I’ve al­lowed a spirit to en­ter my body. The last time I did it, I picked up on some­one’s father, took over his char­ac­ter­is­tics and the things that I said were just how her father would, and it brought her to tears. I’ve never met this woman in my life. I knew noth­ing about her back­ground, so to be able to de­liver that mes­sage, and for her to feel that it was real, was a very pow­er­ful mo­ment.

Will the ghost hunt scare you?

Not at all! Good souls only vi­brate with good souls.

How will you be if some of the celebs are scared?

I’m the mum of the group, so I sup­pose I’ll have to be the brave trooper – teach­ing them breath­ing tech­niques. I’ll tell them to feel em­pow­ered, and that no spir­its are there to hurt us or lead us away. Is it strange not be­ing in

The Real Housewives Of Cheshire any more?

It’s weird, be­cause it’s what I’ve known for the past three

years. But ev­ery­thing in life is a chap­ter – noth­ing is for ever. I just felt that I’d reached the point where I’d been glad to be part of some­thing so big, but it was time to move on.

Will you miss the drama?

With my type of per­son­al­ity, there will al­ways be drama and con­flict in my life!

Who won’t you miss?

Quite a few peo­ple ac­tu­ally! But I’m friends with Leanne and Lau­ren, I think the world of them. The rest of them can burn in hell! l

Celebrity Ghost Hunt

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