‘I have to re­mind her that I’m her mother’


Karen Brown, 45, from Bletch­ley, Buck­ing­hamshire. ‘“Try it on,” urged my daugh­ter, Micca, pre­sent­ing me with a dress so short it could be a top. “It’ll look great on you!” ‘Shak­ing my head, I laughed. “Re­mem­ber, I’m in my 40s – and I’m your mum!” ‘Micca was 14 when peo­ple started to com­pare us, and when­ever she brought a new friend home, they’d look back and forth at the two of us in dis­be­lief. It was just when the term MILF was be­com­ing pop­u­lar, and we both hated it – es­pe­cially when Micca’s male friends would use it about me. ‘When I was with Micca at the birth of her chil­dren – Mai­son, seven, Vin­nie, four, and Frankie, two – the mid­wife said it was nice that Micca had a mate as her birthing part­ner, not re­al­is­ing I was her mum! ‘But it’s not just our looks that are sim­i­lar – we’re two peas in a pod. We fin­ish each other’s sen­tences and share each other’s clothes. I’ve also got a job as a com­pli­ance con­sul­tant at the same com­pany Micca works for, so we spend all day to­gether. Micca is beau­ti­ful and funny, and I feel proud to be her mum. ‘My mum is 65 now, and she looks great for her age, too. I like to eat healthily, ex­er­cise reg­u­larly and my lit­tle boy, Al­fie, nine, keeps me on my toes. But I don’t have a ded­i­cated skin­care regime – just the odd face mask when I re­mem­ber – so I’m flat­tered to be com­pared to my gor­geous girl.’ l Micca, 25, says, ‘I can’t re­mem­ber a time when peo­ple haven’t com­mented on how alike me and Mum look. It al­ways makes us smile. When we go on a night out to­gether, she tells me not to call her Mum. Not that it mat­ters – no one be­lieves she’s my par­ent any­way!’


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