‘I’m an or­di­nary guy… but I had to get in­volved’


Wil­liam Bishop de­scribes him­self as an ‘ev­ery­day guy’, but when he was con­fronted with a shoplifter, he proved him­self any­thing but. In fact, he proved him­self a hero twice over…

When Wil­liam heard a woman scream­ing in a branch of Boots, he sprang into ac­tion. He pur­sued his tar­get un­til even­tu­ally he’d caught up with him un­der a sub­way.

Hav­ing wrenched the bag from the thief, events took a vi­o­lent turn. The cor­nered crook hit out at Wil­liam with what he thought was a knife.

It later turned out not to be a knife but, even so, the plucky young man re­fused to let go of the bag.

Wil­liam, 20, from Hed­nes­ford, Stafford­shire, headed back to Boots to re­turn the stolen items, which in­cluded sev­eral de­signer per­fumes.

With the in­for­ma­tion Wil­liam gave to the po­lice, they suc­cess­fully made an ar­rest. Then came the news that Wil­liam was to re­ceive one of the first-ever Mat­tel Fire­man Sam Golden Hel­met Awards for his brav­ery.

At the time, Wil­liam down­played his in­ter­ven­tion, say­ing, ‘I don’t like see­ing peo­ple steal. It’s not fair to the peo­ple who work hard.’

Wil­liam’s mum Ker­rie, 51, said, ‘I was so proud of him.’

Hav­ing trav­elled to London for the cer­e­mony, Wil­liam – who took Ker­rie with him – headed to Eus­ton Sta­tion for the jour­ney home.

‘I was wait­ing for our train, and Wil­liam went to stretch his legs,’ Ker­rie said. ‘Imag­ine my shock when he turned up all red in the face. He’d only gone and done it again!’

Wil­liam had been brows­ing in the sta­tion shops when he heard an alarm. That’s when he no­ticed a man run­ning with a bag.

‘My gut in­stinct told me to chase him,’ Wil­liam said.

The pur­suit took them out into the busy streets of London. The thief kicked out and tried to punch him, but Wil­liam wasn’t giv­ing up.

When the thief fi­nally ran off, Wil­liam headed back to the train sta­tion to re­turn the stolen goods – which turned out to be shoe in­soles.

‘Light­ning could have struck twice!’ Ker­rie said. ‘Two se­cu­rity guards came over and asked if they could shake Wil­liam’s hand.

‘ When they in­quired why we were in London, you can imag­ine their faces when we told them we had just come from an award cer­e­mony that had hon­oured Wil­liam for do­ing the same thing!’

Wil­liam cur­rently works for a re­cy­cling com­pany, but he’s now in­ter­ested in pur­su­ing a ca­reer in the po­lice.

Wil­liam saved the day… twice!

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