Friends won’t ac­cept my toy boy


My ex-husband and I split three years ago and, at the start of this year, I found love again – with a man 18 years younger than me. I adore him – he makes me feel young and truly brings out the best in me. The age dif­fer­ence doesn’t bother ei­ther of us, but my friends are caus­ing me an­guish. They refuse to take this re­la­tion­ship se­ri­ously, are hy­per­crit­i­cal and keep say­ing, ‘You know this won’t last.’ I’m so an­gry, but I don’t want to fall out with my friends over him.

Gil­lian, Liver­pool

Why are you so wor­ried about what peo­ple say if you’re feel­ing fab­u­lous and hav­ing such fun? Age means lit­tle, es­pe­cially these days. A pal of mine got the same re­ac­tion to her part­ner as you, but they went with their hearts. She is now 91, and he’s just turned 60. They’ve been bliss­fully happy for many, many years. My ad­vice is to go for it and pay no heed to your friends’ re­ac­tions. Time will re­veal how good you are for each other.

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