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‘Idon’t like hav­ing a go at young peo­ple. I think they have a tough enough time as it is, and I sin­cerely be­lieve that the ma­jor­ity of them are not whinge­ing, over-in­dulged, self-en­ti­tled “snowflakes”. But then one comes along who re­ally doesn’t help their cause.

This week, Ed­die Led­sham found him­self in the spot­light af­ter he posted a video of him­self moan­ing about hav­ing to work. Ed­die is just 22 years old and this was his first job as a teacher.

Al­though he was warned his first year might be tough – tell me a job where it isn’t – he couldn’t hack not get­ting home un­til 6.30pm, or that he had to do mark­ing, or miss foot­ball be­cause there was work to do. As a re­sult, he was ready to give up and leave af­ter just three weeks, be­cause it af­fected his “emo­tional and psy­cho­log­i­cal well-be­ing”, he said.

What? At 22, I didn’t even know what those words meant! I just wanted to work, how­ever hard, and for how­ever much money.

In the end, he stayed for a whole term, af­ter his mum gave him a pep talk. I hope she said, “Lis­ten, sonny, the world doesn’t owe you a liv­ing and work is tough. Now get on with it, you wimp!”

I wouldn’t be sur­prised if he now wants to be a singer, go on The X Fac­tor, be a re­al­ity TV star – in fact, any­thing that doesn’t in­volve “real” work.

Well, don’t worry, Ed – I’m sure some­one will come and hand it to you, laid out nicely on a plate…’


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