Per­fume­friendly body care


Beauty prod­ucts can some­times in­ter­fere with your fra­grance. Your skin’s pH level can be changed by an oily mois­turiser, which can also af­fect your scent. Cre­at­ing a blank can­vas is the best way to en­sure your per­fume smells its best. Start with an ex­fo­lia­tor to re­move dead skin (scent will last longer on a smoother sur­face). Us­ing a pes­tle and mor­tar, grind 3tbsp salt. Com­bine with the juice of one lemon, stir­ring to form a paste. Add 2tbsp plain yo­ghurt; stir be­fore rub­bing on to skin. Rinse well, then spray on your per­fume be­fore ap­ply­ing an oil-free mois­turiser. This seals the fra­grance on to your skin and makes it last longer.

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