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…his new se­ries, The Crimes That Shook Bri­tain

It is mind-bog­gling, heart-stop­ping, and I am so proud of it. I think that cov­er­ing the Manch­ester ter­ror at­tack at a con­cert hall on 22 May stands out the most for me. It touched so many of us.

…the dif­fi­cul­ties of pre­sent­ing live news

The process of in­for­ma­tion emerg­ing is slow and tor­tu­ous, be­cause you don’t want to be wrong. An er­ror could cause more worry and up­set. With so­cial me­dia, we get bom­barded with data, which can be use­ful, but you also just don’t know if it’s true.

…Ed Balls steal­ing his job

I have been asked to do Strictly Come Danc­ing sev­eral times. I very nearly did it a year back, but they chose Ed Balls in­stead – which was ob­vi­ously the right choice. I got a mixed re­ac­tion from my chil­dren. They said, ‘Dad, you dance like a camel.’ Can camels dance? No, they can’t.

…why we’ll never see him on I’m A Celeb…

I reckon I could sur­vive the phys­i­cal side, but my kids re­minded me I don’t suf­fer fools gladly, and there are a lot of fools there. Their words, not mine…

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