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Ev­ery­one knows that Star­lings and Song Thrushes mix mimicry with their songs. But the real king of the mim­ics among ‘British’ birds is the Marsh War­bler. The song is in­cred­i­bly rich and beau­ti­ful and jammed with bird songs and calls picked up dur­ing the bird’s trav­els through Europe and Africa. Some of the birds you will recog­nise, oth­ers will be mys­ter­ies. But, what­ever you hear will be just about in­dis­tin­guish­able from the real thing. Marsh War­blers are very sim­i­lar in ap­pear­ance to Reed War­blers, but the song should be enough to iden­tify the bird. The only prob­lem is that they are very rare breed­ing birds in the UK, with fewer than 10 pairs, mainly con­fined to Worces­ter­shire and Kent. Un­like Reed War­blers, they are not tied di­rectly to reedbeds, of­ten singing in bushes and rank veg­e­ta­tion near wa­ter.

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