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A few of our birds nest in holes in banks of com­pacted sand or mud. The most well known bank nesters are the aptly named Sand Martins, which nest colo­nially, ex­ca­vat­ing deep, roughly cir­cu­lar holes (and tun­nels) in suit­able sandy banks, where they can find them. Sand Martin colonies usu­ally con­sist of sev­eral, even scores of holes, most of­ten near the top of a bank. Holes are only a few inches in di­am­e­ter. The other main bank nest­ing bird in the UK is the King­fisher, which has a sim­i­lar-look­ing tun­nel nest, most of­ten in a bank of a river or lake, of­ten not ob­vi­ous, as it is tucked out of view.

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