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UK poli­cies should be for the long-term ben­e­fit of na­ture and wildlife sup­ple­ment short­ages when there is drought. We have to stop build­ing on flood­plains and man­age them to flood in a con­trolled way by plant­ing re­tain­ing hedges and in­creas­ing the num­ber of sea­sonal ponds. All well and good un­til you look at farm­ing sub­si­dies, plan­ning per­mis­sions, etc. All sub­si­dies should de­pend on sign­ing up to stew­ard­ship agree­ments that re­ward hedge plant­ing and up­land de­cid­u­ous forestry. Flood plains need na­tional des­ig­na­tion and plan­ning per­mis­sions need to be sub­ject to over­all na­tional aims. Farm­ing should, be about the na­tion feeding it­self and pro­tect­ing the land and wildlife. Or­ganic farm­ing should no longer be seen as a health or fringe issue but as in­te­grated into the na­tional plan to con­serve and in some places re-wild this land. Power pro­duc­tion should be in­te­grated so that har­ness­ing the power of our rivers, wind and the sea is wildlife-friendly. Our plan must start putting right what we have been get­ting wrong for two gen­er­a­tions. Short-term profit is cre­at­ing long-term poverty. Bo Be­olens runs fat­ and other web­sites. He has writ­ten a num­ber of books

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