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There is new hope for the sur­vival of the crit­i­cally-en­dan­gered Ori­en­tal White-backed Vul­ture, ac­cord­ing to the Hawk Con­ser­vancy Trust. Con­ser­va­tion­ists at Changa Manga in Pak­istan have recorded suc­cess­ful breed­ing ef­forts by the species, whose num­bers de­creased more than 99% in the 1990s due to poi­son­ing from the vet­eri­nary painkiller Di­clofenac. Com­mu­nity aware­ness projects and a ban in Di­clofenac will hope­fully mark its re­cov­ery. A drop in the price of oil has led to de­lays in cre­at­ing long-term en­ergy so­lu­tions, just as the hike in prices led to pri­mary for­est be­ing ripped up to plant oil palms. Why do we need plans? Be­cause the prob­lems we face are com­plex and so are the so­lu­tions, what may help solve one prob­lem can ban­jax an­other un­less things are looked at to­gether. Take flood­ing as an ex­am­ple. Rather than build ever-higher walls to pro­tect low­land prop­erty we need to slow the flow of wa­ter. To do this we need to en­able highland to re­tain more wa­ter and let it flow out slower by re­cladding the hill­sides with wood­land or scrub. We must stop drain­ing wet­lands, but see them as sponges that can soak up ex­cesses and

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