Bird Watching (UK) - - June Id Challenge -

Bro­ken white ey­e­r­ing Here we have an es­sen­tially grey or grey-brown bird with a thin, in­sect-eater’s bill, rounded wings and a long tail. Also ob­vi­ous is the fact that the ‘puffy’ throat is clean white, con­trast­ing with the buf­fer tones of the breast and belly. And, while ex­am­in­ing the head, note the bro­ken white eye-ring and, if you look very closely, you may see that the shaded iris is not dark. The long grey tail has white outer tail feath­ers. The struc­ture of the bird sug­gest a pipit or a war­bler. Its un­streaked un­der­parts should steer you away from our pip­its or the streaked Sedge War­bler, which does sing in flight. It ap­pears to be one of the whitethroats. Lesser Whitethroats don’t sing in flight and have darker bills and eyes and shorter tails. This is a Whitethroat.

KEY FEA­TURES †Thin bill and rounded wings sug­gests small in­sect-eater †Over­all grey brown plumage and white throat †Yel­low­ish base to bill, white eye-ring ‘pale’ eye †Long tail with white outer tail feath­ers

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