Bird Watching (UK) - - June Id Challenge -

In some ways this bird, singing in flight over a reedbed, is sim­i­lar to Bird 1, having short rounded wings and a thin in­sect-eater’s bill. Look again and you will see that the struc­ture is sub­tly dif­fer­ent, this bird having a much shorter rounded tail. Even more ob­vi­ous, though, is that this bird has a very bold pale su­per­cil­ium (‘eye­brow’) with a dark stripe above it, and the warm brown plumage, par­tic­u­larly of the up­per­parts, is streaked or spot­ted. The breast and flanks are pretty ‘clean’, how­ever, un­like a pipit or lark, which would be streaked. This bird looks like a streaked war­bler and the pattern and struc­ture should point you to­wards Sedge War­bler, one of the few war­blers that has a song flight. The reeds are a typ­i­cal Sedge War­bler habi­tat.

KEY FEA­TURES †Small brown bird (com­pare reed heads) †Hint of streak­ing on up­per­parts †Ob­vi­ous, bold, pale su­per­cil­ium and dark lat­eral crown stripe †Shor­tish, rounded tail

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