Bird Watching (UK) - - June Id Challenge -

White outer tail feath­ers Oh no, yet an­other pipit, you may be think­ing. But there is some­thing about that rel­a­tively small head which sug­gests a larger, al­most thrush-sized bird. Those wings look long and the bird in gen­eral looks to have a ro­bust, al­most chunky, weighty build. This bird has the struc­ture of a lark. We have two breed­ing lark species in the UK: the Sky Lark and the scarce Wood Lark, both of which per­form song flights. The lat­ter is no­tably short-tailed and has rel­a­tively short, rounded wings. But this bird has long wings and a long, full tail for a lark. Cru­cially, it also has white outer tail feath­ers, and you can just make out a white trail­ing edge to the in­ner flight feath­ers, both of which rule out Wood Lark (which has white tail tips) . This is a Sky Lark.

KEY FEA­TURES †Head looks ‘small’ im­ply­ing a de­cent-sized bird †Long, broad wings †Dense band of fine streaks across breast †Full, broad tail with white outer feath­ers

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