Bird Watching (UK) - - Photo Feature David Tipling -

Both Black-bel­lied Sand­grouse and Pin-tailed Sand­grouse are very lo­calised in their Euro­pean dis­tri­bu­tion, be­ing largely re­stricted to the Ibe­rian penin­sula, where they are res­i­dent. There is an iso­lated pop­u­la­tion of Pin-tailed Sand­grouse in south­ern France, oth­er­wise, to see ei­ther species, your best bet is to fol­low David Ti­pling’s lead and visit Spain (or Por­tu­gal). Both species live in poorly veg­e­tated plains and both are most fre­quently seen at dawn and dusk as they visit favoured wa­ter­ing sites. Both species are also painfully shy, so ob­serv­ing them well is a chal­lenge, par­tic­u­larly in the heat of the Span­ish day.

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