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THE SOUTH BANK at Glasbury lies within Bre­con­shire, the north bank within Rad­nor­shire, the vil­lage be­ing the only river cross­ing point for 10 miles. Hav­ing squeezed from the con­fines of a river gorge, the Wye now takes on a more gen­tle as­pect as it me­an­ders through the wa­ter mead­ows with the oc­ca­sional pools, none more im­por­tant than at Pwll­patti, where a road­side hide pro­vides ad­mirable views. Lit­tle Ringed Plovers(below) first nested near Glasbury in 1977, since when up to eight pairs have cho­sen this part of the Wye though, sadly, there have been no more than three pairs in re­cent years. Land­ing ca­noes caus­ing dis­tur­bance are blamed for low num­bers and as­so­ci­ated poor breed­ing suc­cess. Not so many years Have pa­tience, sit qui­etly, you may well en­joy a sight­ing of an Ot­ter ago, the Mute Swan flock on this sec­tion of the Wye was the largest in Wales, in some years al­most 200 birds. Nei­ther Bewick’s or Whooper Swans had been recorded here be­fore the hard win­ter of 1962 and, al­though there have been sight­ings since, both re­main as rare vis­i­tors.


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