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Clearly a chunky, thick-set heron, ID is not helped by the bill be­ing out of sight, im­mersed in wa­ter. How­ever, you can still see that the head is rel­a­tively large, sug­gest­ing this is one of the smaller species. The brown plumage could sug­gest Bit­tern, but the pat­tern is wrong and the bird is gen­er­ally too ‘washed out’, lack­ing black mark­ings you would ex­pect to see. Sim­i­lar ar­gu­ments could be used for the tiny Lit­tle Bit­tern, which has also has dis­tinctly pale wing coverts, even on the streaked ju­ve­nile. Squacco Heron is a pos­si­bil­ity, es­pe­cially an im­ma­ture bird (which are streakier). But the red eye is wrong and the wings would be white, even on young birds. This chunky, red-eyed heron is a sec­ond cal­en­dar year Night Heron.

KEY FEA­TURES †Chunky shape, thick neck, large head †Pale brown plumage, strongly streaked and edged with white †Thick yel­low legs †Red eye

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