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We have thrown in an­other fly­ing heron, to con­fuse mat­ters. The brown tones should rule out the egrets, as well as Grey Heron. And the thick neck and rel­a­tively large head rule out Pur­ple Heron as well. We are left with bit­terns and the smaller, darker herons. The non-white wings im­me­di­ately take Squacco Heron out of the equa­tion and the bill is too nar­row and pointed for a young Night Heron (which have ‘stumpy’ bills). Bit­terns have black crowns and mous­taches and fine black streak­ing on the breast and lower neck. Also, com­pared to the veg­e­ta­tion, this is a tiny heron. It is a ju­ve­nile Lit­tle Bit­tern, a species which is slowly colonis­ing the UK.

KEY FEA­TURES †Brown and streaky heron †Thick neck and rel­a­tively large head †White belly, dark­ish wings †Yel­low­ish feet

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