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The birds breed in cen­tral and south­ern Eng­land and in Wales, and there are oc­ca­sional sight­ings in Scot­land. They sel­dom travel far the woods where they hatch. Our Nuthatch is found through­out Europe, although it is ab­sent from many of the Mediter­ranean is­lands. On Cor­sica, it is re­placed by the en­demic Cor­si­can Nuthatch, a smaller more del­i­cate bird. In the east of the Mediter­ranean, our species is joined by the larger Rock Nuthatch which, as the name sug­gests, prefers rocky ter­rain and is gen­er­ally found in more open ar­eas than our wood­land loving species. Fi­nally, on the Greek is­land of Lesvos you can find the red chested Krüper’s Nuthatch – a bird that has proved frus­trat­ingly elu­sive for me!

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