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COMMON ROSEFINCH Ear­marked as a po­ten­tial colonist af­ter a spate of UK breed­ing records in the early 1990s, the in­va­sion of this species, for­mally known as Scar­let Gros­beak and the Scar­let Rosefinch, failed to ma­te­ri­alise. Most bird­ers know it best in its brown, streaky, beady-eyed and oth­er­wise non­de­script ju­ve­nile guise. For this is the plumage that most ap­pear in when they turn up as scarce an­nual mi­grants, usually at the coastal ex­trem­i­ties of the UK. That said, there has been some well doc­u­mented cases of birds be­ing found well in­land in Lon­don, namely Worm­wood Scrubs, and a re­cent singing male that briefly held ter­ri­tory in Waltham­stow. The Common Rosefinch be­longs to the genus, Car­po­da­cus, a fam­ily of 26 finches in which the males have a red el­e­ment to their plumage. Rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the rosefinch fam­ily are to be found in Eura­sia with the core in Sino-hi­malayas. In­ter­est­ingly, the three species to be found in North Amer­ica have re­cently been placed in a sep­a­rate fam­ily.

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