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1 From the road bridge check along the river for King­fisher, Grey Wag­tail, Green Sand­piper, Grey Heron, Lit­tle Egret, Grey Heron and a chance of Goosander and Dip­per. The es­tu­ary to the south sup­ports a wide va­ri­ety of shore­birds at low tide in­clud­ing large num­bers of Red­shank, Bar-tailed God­wit, Curlew, Knot, Dun­lin and Oys­ter­catcher. At high tide, wild­fowl can in­clude Eider and Red-breasted Mer­ganser among the more nu­mer­ous Shel­duck and Wi­geon. Pere­grine and Mer­lin hunt the fore­shore. 2 The wood­land holds rov­ing flocks of passer­ines, in­clud­ing Coal, Marsh and Long-tailed Tits, plus res­i­dent species such as Nuthatch, Treecreeper, Great Spot­ted Wood­pecker and Jay. Check conifer stands for Gold­crest, redpoll, Siskin and Cross­bill. Mi­grant war­blers should in­clude Chif­fchaff and Black­cap and there is a chance of fly­catch­ers. 3 The open moor­land may still harbour a few Wheatears, plus one or two Stonechat or Whin­chat, along with Meadow Pipit and Lin­net. Check the rocky ter­rain for Ring Ouzel, and Raven, plus Buz­zard, Spar­rowhawk and Pere­grine overhead. 4 Open farm­land to­wards Meathop Moss har­bours flocks of Lap­wing and Golden Plover, corvids, gulls, Sky Lark, star­lings, finches and pi­geons. A good spot for a Barn Owl at dusk.

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