Bird Watching (UK) - - Uk Bird Sightings August - Har­vey Ken­dall, Mike Pass­man

NORTH DEVON: The Taw Es­tu­ary logged 140 Dun­lin, 36 Ringed Plovers, three Whim­brels, an Osprey, 20 Green­shanks, 19 Black-tailed God­wits, 45 Lit­tle Egrets, 10 Med Gulls, a Pere­grine, 400 Swallows, Lit­tle Stint, Hobby, seven Curlew Sand­pipers and two Marsh Har­ri­ers. Lundy had Wry­neck, Red-backed Shrike and Cory’s Shear­wa­ter. There were 62 Med Gulls at In­stow. Braun­ton recorded Marsh Har­rier, Great White Egret, six Green­shanks, two Black-tailed God­wits, Dart­ford War­bler, two Wood Sand­pipers and 10 Med Gulls. A Glossy Ibis and Osprey were at Frem­ing­ton Quay. Hart­land Point had 250 Gan­nets, 26 Ful­mars, 160 Manx Shear­wa­ters, three Balearic Shear­wa­ters, three Storm Pe­trels, two Great Skuas and four Kit­ti­wakes. Sk­ern had Po­ma­rine Skua, Lit­tle Stint, Curlew Sand­piper and 12 Med Gulls. West­ward Ho! had Storm Pe­trel and 150 Manx Shear­wa­ters, Il­fra­combe had five Storm Pe­trels and an Arc­tic Skua, and Water­mouth had four Storm Pe­trels. SOUTH DEVON: Bowl­ing Green Marsh logged 110 Dun­lin, four Knot, eight Bar-tailed God­wits, two Med Gulls, 40 Whim­brels, five Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers, 20 Wil­low War­blers, 420 Red­shanks, Avo­cet, Marsh Har­rier, Wry­neck, Goosander, Osprey, Ruff, Lit­tle Stint, Pin­tail, 650 Black-tailed God­wits, two Spot­ted Red­shanks, two Whin­chats, eight Green Sand­pipers, two Wood Sand­pipers, 600 Swallows, three Grey Plovers, three Lit­tle Ringed Plovers, seven Common Sand­pipers, 53 Ringed Plovers, three Curlew Sand­pipers, three Wheatears, 11 Green­shanks, five Yel­low Wag­tails and 25 Lit­tle Egrets. Berry Head recorded 950 Manx Shear­wa­ters, three Yel­low-legged Gulls, five Storm Pe­trels, nine Whim­brels, Sooty Shear­wa­ter, four Great, a Long-tailed and 13 Arc­tic Skuas, 62 Balearic Shear­wa­ters, 40 Sand­wich Terns and Lit­tle Gull. Prawle Point had a Black-browed Al­ba­tross, two Cory’s Shear­wa­ters, two Arc­tic Skuas, 17 Whim­brels, 19 Balearic Shear­wa­ters, two Sooty Shear­wa­ters, 2,700 Manx Shear­wa­ters, a Great Skua, Puf­fin and 61 Ful­mars. Black Hole Marsh had a Least Sand­piper and two Lit­tle Stints. Soar max­ima in­cluded Lit­tle Owl, 17 Wil­low War­blers, 21 Whitethroats, 13 Stonechats, Hobby, Gar­den War­bler, Tur­tle Dove, Wry­neck, Lesser Whitethroat, three Whin­chats, two Bullfinches, two Tree Pip­its, eight Sedge War­blers, 58 Yel­low Wag­tails, two White Wag­tails, three Red­starts, 32 Wheatears, two Pied Fly­catch­ers, and nine Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers. A boat trip from Lyme Bay saw two Storm Pe­trels, 60 Manx and three Balearic Shear­wa­ters, Arc­tic Skua and Great Skua. Ave­ton Gif­ford had a Spot­ted Sand­piper and five Green Sand­pipers. Wry­necks were at Dawlish War­ren and Wem­bury. South Ef­ford Marsh logged a Spot­ted Sand­piper, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, 40 Ringed Plovers, four Knot, three Lit­tle Stints, two Curlew Sand­pipers, two Black-tailed God­wits, three Whim­brels, 10 Common Sand­pipers, five Green Sand­pipers, four Green­shanks, nine Med Gulls and Osprey. THURLESTONE BAY: High­lights in­cluded two Gar­ganeys, 10 Common Scot­ers, Sooty Shear­wa­ter, 208 Manx Shear­wa­ters, five Balearic Shear­wa­ters, 836 Gan­nets, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, 15 San­der­ling, two Curlew Sand­pipers, two Great Skuas, 42 Kit­ti­wakes, Yel­low-legged Gull, Lit­tle Tern, Cuckoo, 1,250 Swallows, Dart­ford War­bler, 56 Chif­fchaffs, 83 Reed War­blers, Pied Fly­catcher, 140 Wil­low War­blers, 180 Sedge War­blers, two Red­starts, Blue-headed Wag­tail, two White Wag­tails, 25 Tree Pip­its and Cirl Buntings at four sites.

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