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HIGH­LIGHTS: Pelagic trips pro­duced mul­ti­ple sight­ings of Wil­son’s Pe­trels, with four on two trips. Max­ima were 239 Great and 82 Cory’s Shear­wa­ters. Sev­eral Sabine’s Gulls and Long-tailed Skuas were seen. Two Med Gulls were in Tresco Chan­nel (7th) with six mid-month. A Lesser Redpoll was over Hugh Town (10th), when seven Lit­tle Egrets were in Tresco Chan­nel. A Yel­low-legged Gull was on St Agnes (14th-16th). The first Wood Sand­piper was on St Agnes (15th), with two on Porth Hel­lick. An Ic­ter­ine War­bler was on the Gar­ri­son (16th). A Melo­di­ous War­bler and Wry­neck were on St Agnes (18th). A Grey Phalarope was off Horse Point (19th). A Wry­neck was on St Mary’s (22nd). An Or­tolan Bunt­ing was on St Agnes (23rd & 25th). A Dot­terel was on St Agnes (25th & 27th). The Melo­di­ous War­bler was on St Agnes (26th). A Barred War­bler was on Barn­aby Lane and a Wry­neck on Gugh (27th). On Bry­her, an Ic­ter­ine War­bler, Melo­di­ous War­bler and two Wry­necks were seen (27th). The first Black Terns were at sea (27th). Wry­necks were on Gugh and Bry­her (29th) when an Ic­ter­ine War­bler was at Lower Town, St Martin’s. The is­lands’ 11th Tem­minck’s Stint was at Porth Hel­lick (30th-31st), and St Agnes (30th & 31st). Wry­necks were in Lower Moors and at Deep Point (30th), with two at the lat­ter (31st). A Red-backed Shrike was on St Martin’s (31st).

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