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Surely up there in the top 10 of ev­ery bird­watcher’s favourite bird, the Bearded Tit is a real charmer. Even the ‘ping ping’ calls are cute. Small, long-tailed and with stupidly short, rounded wings, they are not the sort of bird which you would ex­pect to fly far. How­ever, in the early au­tumn, Bearded Tits can rise up ver­ti­cally in fam­ily groups and flocks and head off for reedbeds new. Oc­to­ber is one of the best times for find­ing a Beaded Tit turn­ing up at an ‘un­ex­pected’ place (usually a reedbed or reed­mace bed), where you may never have seen one be­fore, at least not this year.

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