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Au­gust is of­ten the best month for see­ing Spot­ted Crakes, es­pe­cially ju­ve­niles, across the whole of the UK. One was at Bur­ton Mere Wet­lands RSPB, Cheshire, early in the month. A pos­si­ble Sooty Tern was an in­trigu­ing record from Hil­bre Is­land, Cheshire, but could not be re­lo­cated


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Spot­ted Crake was at Bur­ton Mere Wet­lands (1st). Caspian Gulls were at New Ferry (14th) and Hoy­lake (26th). A Hooded Crow was in Birken­head (15th). HIL­BRE: Seven Whim­brels roosted (7th). There were 52 Lit­tle Terns (7th), 500 Sand­wich Terns (10th), Tree Pipit (17th), and Curlew Sand­piper with 3,500 Dun­lin (18th). Sev­eral Arc­tic Skuas in­cluded two (19th). A fall in­cluded 12 Wil­low War­blers (18th). A Black Tern and four Med Gulls were seen (23rd). MERSEY VAL­LEY: Hale logged Spoon­bill (1st), Great White Egret (2nd), Gar­ganey and six ‘Chan­nel’ Wag­tails (14th), two Wood Sand­pipers (21st) and two Lit­tle Stints (30th). Two Lit­tle Stints and Black-necked Grebe were on Frod­sham Marsh (7th), with Lit­tle Gull (27th). An Osprey was on Nor­ton Marsh (31st). A Curlew Sand­piper in­flux in­cluded seven at Pick­er­ing’s Pas­ture (25th), 12 at Hale (26th) and 26 on Frod­sham Marsh (27th). WIR­RAL COAST: Storm Pe­trels were at Hoy­lake (3rd) and New Brighton (7th), where there were two Arc­tic Skuas. There were 2,700 Black-tailed God­wits at West Kirby (10th). Short-eared Owls were at Bur­ton Marsh (11th) and Red Rocks (29th). A Twite was un­ex­pected at Birken­head (12th). Twelve Spoon­bills (14th) and 56 Green­shanks (31st) were at Bur­ton Mere Wet­lands. Three Red­starts were at Lea­sowe (14th). A Lit­tle Stint was at Park­gate (18th). Four Black Terns roosted at Hoy­lake (19th) with two at Sea­combe (20th). Nine Curlew Sand­pipers were at Hoy­lake (20th). WOOLSTON EYES: Ring­ing on No1 bed gave King­fisher, Spar­rowhawk, Great Spot­ted Wood­pecker, Wil­low War­bler, Reed War­bler, Black­cap, Chif­fchaff, Whitethroat, Gar­den War­bler, Sedge War­bler, Tree Pipit, Sand Martin, House Martin, Lesser Whitethroat, Grey Wag­tail and Long-tailed Tit. Records in­cluded 100 Swifts, Cetti’s War­bler, two Tawny Owls and 400 Swallows. No3 bed ring­ing team had Reed War­bler, Grey Wag­tail, Tree Pipit, Gar­den War­bler, Common Sand­piper, Stock Dove and Cetti’s War­bler. Records were five Black-necked Grebes, two Common Terns, Water Rail, two King­fish­ers, 300 Swifts, Curlew, five Green Sand­pipers, 160 Lap­wings, two Hob­bies, seven Grey Wag­tails, Tawny Owl, Bit­tern, three Dun­lin, Marsh Har­rier, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Goosander, Wil­low Tit, Wood Sand­piper, 116 Black-tailed God­wits, Pere­grine, 62 Shov­el­ers, Red­shank, Lit­tle Egret and 14 Snipe. Richard Smith (richard@deeestu­ and Dave Steel


HIGH­LIGHTS: Two Quails sang at Thorn­hill Mead­ows, Abbey­town (6th). A Great White Egret flew over Sid­dick Ponds (21st). Curlew Sand­pipers in­cluded one at Wed­holme Flow (1st), two at Bow­ness-on-sol­way (17th), one at Port Carlisle (21st) with six (28th), two at Wal­ney Is­land (22nd) with three (25th), two at Hod­bar­row (24th), three at Grune Point (25th), four at Camp­field Marsh with three Lit­tle Stints (25th), and one at Drum­burgh (27th). A Wood Sand­piper was at Wal­ney Is­land (16th). A Golden Ea­gle was at Gelts­dale (26th). A Dot­terel flew over Ken­dal (28th).


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Red Kite flew over Lud­worth Moor (17th). Marsh Har­ri­ers were at Lit­tle Woolden Moss (16th) and Spen Moor, Bury (25th). An Osprey was over Pen­ning­ton Flash (25th). Two Lit­tle Egrets were there (4th-29th), with oth­ers at El­ton Reser­voir (1st & 10th) and two near Bury Road Bridge (7th-25th). EL­TON RESER­VOIR: A Wood Sand­piper was present (18th), with two Green­shank (6th-24th), Black-tailed God­wits (9th & 12th), three Green Sand­pipers and Ruff (14th-23rd), two Common Scot­ers (4th-13th), Scaup (30th-31st), Tree Pipit (13th), Whin­chats (23rd & 29th), two Wheatears, four Red­starts, and a Hobby (14th). MERSEY VAL­LEY: The Man­darin was at Chorl­ton WP. A Hobby was over Chorl­ton Ees (17th). A Green Sand­piper was at Al­trin­cham ETW. PEN­NING­TON FLASH: Five Common Scot­ers were seen (3rd-13th). Black Terns passed through (21st-22nd & 30th). A Black-necked Grebe vis­ited (10th-11th). Hob­bies flew over (1st & 18th). A Med Gull was seen (11th-12th & 31st). There was a Black-tailed God­wit (8th), Green­shank (21st-31st), and two Green Sand­pipers plus a Ruff (30th-31st). A Wheatear passed through (27th) OTHER SITES: Six Common Scot­ers vis­ited Higher Swine­shaw Reser­voir (28th). A Gar­ganey was on Pear­son’s Flash (1st-18th), with two on Scot­man’s Flash (19th). A Hobby was in the Wi­gan Flashes area (13th). A Turn­stone was at Rum­worth Lodge (9th). Au­den­shaw Reser­voirs held Scaup (10th), Knot (21st-23rd), Common Scoter (28th) and Whin­chat (29th). Light­shaw had two Green­shanks (18th) and a Green Sand­piper flew over. Green Sand­pipers were at Hope Carr and Dove Stones. Whin­chats were on Lit­tle Woolden Moss (1st-13th), Bick­er­shaw Rucks (15th) and Pick­ley Green (19th). Lit­tle Woolden Moss held 41 Yel­low Wag­tails (2nd), Tree Pipit (13th), three Wheatears, Hobby (11th) and five Green­shanks (19th). Hob­bies flew over Crox­den Moss (18th) and Pick­ley Green (19th). A Yel­low-legged Gull was in Gor­ton (13th). Three Red­starts were on Lud­worth Moor (16th-17th). Hor­wich Moors logged Pied Fly­catcher (9th), with three (15th), 30 Tree Pip­its (17th), 29 Wheatears, two Red­starts, four Cross­bills, three Whin­chats, five Stonechats, Ruff (15th) and five Black-tailed God­wits (5th). Holling­worth Lake had Red­start (17th) and Pied Fly­catcher (29th). A Whin­chat and two Tree Pip­its were at Sandy­forth Mine (17th). Rum­worth Lodge had a Tree Pipit (7th), Black-tailed God­wit (10th), and a Green Sand­piper plus Med Gull (14th). Dr Paul Brew­ster (01606 590 491)


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Cat­tle Egret stayed at Marsh­side. A Long-tailed Skua was on Ains­dale shore (21st), plus Wry­neck (27th-31st). A White-rumped Sand­piper was on Banks Marsh (23rd). EAST LAN­CASHIRE: Common Scot­ers in­cluded 10 at Stocks Reser­voir (12th), with 18 there (13th), and 12 at Al­ston Reser­voir (13th). Ospreys flew over Stocks Reser­voir and Lon­gridge. Brock­holes recorded Black Tern (19th) and Wood Sand­piper (23rd). FYLDE RE­GION: Up to four Lit­tle Stints and Curlew Sand­pipers were at sev­eral sites. Black­pool had a Purple Sand­piper (20th-22nd), 350 Sand­wich Terns (30th), up to three Arc­tic Skuas, Ful­mars, Storm Pe­trel (3rd) and Black Guille­mot (25th). Six Green­shanks were at Ward­leys, River Wyre (14th). A Wood Sand­piper was at Bank End (5th). A Lit­tle Tern was at St Anne’s (5th). Ospreys flew over Cock­er­sands (16th) and Green­halgh (24th). A Hobby was at Bank End (4th-5th). Marsh Har­ri­ers were there (6th), at Fairhaven (17th) and War­ton Marsh (two). Over 60 Tree Pip­its were at Fairhaven. Three Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers were at War­ton Bank Lane End (18th), with two Whin­chats and Red­start (23rd). Two Whin­chats were at Mythop (23rd). Bank End Marsh pro­duced five Yel­low Wag­tails. Five were at Cock­ers Dyke (6th-7th), with a Cuckoo (24th). MAR­TON MERE: High­lights in­clude a Bit­tern, Water Rails, 10 species of war­bler in­clud­ing two Gar­den War­blers, two Ravens (10th), an Osprey (29th), Green Sand­piper, Green­shank, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Gar­ganey (from 21st), nine Gad­wall, nine Shov­el­ers and 24 Tufted Ducks. SW LANCS-N MERSEY­SIDE: Sand­wich Terns at Ains­dale peaked at 1,200 mid-month. Four Black Terns were at Seaforth (21st) and Cabin Hill, Formby (22nd). An Osprey was over Lunt (18th), with two Gar­ganey (23rd). The in­flux of Curlew Sand­pipers brought three at Hes­keth Out Marsh (1st), 12 on Banks Marsh (23rd) and 11 on Crosby shore. A Lit­tle Stint was at Lunt, with six on Banks Marsh (23rd). A Wood Sand­piper was at Martin Mere (31st). Mau­rice Jones

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