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All bird news in the re­gion was over­shad­owed by the (pre­sumed) re-ap­pear­ance of the Mins­mere Purple Gallinule at Alk­bor­ough Flats, Lin­colnshire, ap­pear­ing on 30th. The bird was not seen as closely as when at Mins­mere, but ap­peared to be the same in­di­vid­ual. It was still present to mid Septem­ber at least.


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Western Swamphen was at Alk­bor­ough Flats (from 30th). A Squacco Heron was at Bar­ton Pits (5th-9th). ALK­BOR­OUGH FLATS: Max­ima in­cluded 700 Teal, 133 Shov­el­ers, 18 Spoon­bills, 1,100 Avo­cets, eight Lit­tle Ringed Plovers, five Knot, four Curlew Sand­pipers, seven Lit­tle Stints, 67 Ruff, 205 Black-tailed God­wits, 27 Spot­ted Red­shanks, 120 Red­shanks, 14 Green­shanks, six Green Sand­pipers, Wood Sand­piper (5th) and seven Common Sand­pipers. There was an Osprey (23rd), two Hob­bies, two Pere­grines, 40 Water Rails, 60 Yel­low Wag­tails, two Whin­chats and a Spot­ted Fly­catcher. BAR­TON: High­lights in­cluded Gar­ganey (5th), Scaup, Gold­en­eye, 121 Common Scot­ers, Bit­tern (6th), Red Kite (16th), 50 Ringed Plovers, 750 Golden Plovers, five Lit­tle Stints, nine Curlew Sand­pipers, 130 Dun­lin, two Ruff, nine Common Sand­pipers, three Green Sand­pipers, Spot­ted Red­shank (28th), 7,000 Sand Martins roost­ing (10th), 30 Yel­low Wag­tails, Whin­chat (10th) and Red­start (17th). DONNA NOOK-PYES HALL: Max­ima in­cluded four Ful­mars, two Manx Shear­wa­ters, three Yel­low-legged Gulls, seven Med Gulls, 83 Sand­wich Terns, 1,630 Common Terns, 10 Arc­tic Terns, four Lit­tle Terns, two Black Terns, seven Arc­tic Skuas, two Ra­zor­bills, 93 Whim­brels, 10 Green­shanks, two Spot­ted Red­shanks, Wood Sand­piper (28th), two Lit­tle Stints and six Curlew Sand­pipers. Mi­grants in­cluded Cuckoo (2nd), Green Wood­pecker (17th), 20 Wil­low War­blers (25th), three Red­starts, four Whin­chats, Stonechat (17th-18th), four Wheatears, four Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers (23rd) and six Pied Fly­catch­ers (25th). There were two Gar­ganeys (10th), with sin­gles (19th & 25th), 130 Common Scot­ers (15th), three Spoon­bills(25th-31st), 53 Lit­tle Egrets, two Mer­lins, Ospreys (2nd & 15th-26th), two Marsh Har­ri­ers, two Pere­grines and two Water Rails. OTHER SITES: Four Ruddy Shel­ducks were on Whit­ton Sand. There were 1,200 Teal and 2,300 Avo­cets at Read’s Is­land. Two Gar­ganey were at East Hal­ton Pits (27th), 4,800 Black-tailed God­wits at North Killingholme Pits and 135 Knot at Gox­hill Haven. A Pied Fly­catcher and seven Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers in Laughton For­est (24th) was the first record there. Gra­ham Cat­ley with Steve Lo­rand SOUTH LIN­COLNSHIRE HIGH­LIGHTS: Last month’s White-rumped Sand­piper re­mained at Framp­ton (to 6th). A Grey Phalarope was there (15th), with Wry­neck (28th) and Red-backed Shrike (22nd). An in­cred­i­ble run of Curlew Sand­pipers saw a peak of 258 (23rd). A Pec­toral Sand­piper at Freis­ton Reser­voir (1st-9th) was also at Framp­ton.

FRAMP­TON MARSH: Lit­tle Stints peaked at 40 (28th). There were 60 Ruff, 40 Snipe, 3,000 Black-tailed God­wits, four Spot­ted Red­shank, eight Green­shanks, 20 Green Sand­pipers and Wood Sand­piper. Spoon­bills peaked at four (17th). Gar­ganeys were seen (7th & 26th). Seven Tur­tle Doves were seen (22nd), with sin­gles through­out. A Short-eared Owl was reg­u­lar. Sixty Yel­low Wag­tails were reg­u­lar. There were two Red­starts, a Whin­chat, three Wheatears and a Pied Fly­catcher (21st), with sim­i­lar num­bers (23rd), Pied Fly­catcher (23rd) and Spot­ted Fly­catcher (24th). FREIS­TON SHORE: Curlew Sand­pipers peaked at 32 and Lit­tle Stints at three (21st). Spot­ted Red­shanks were seen (11th & 16th), with 11 Green­shanks (17th). Off­shore, there was a Lit­tle Gull and Great Skua (16th), with four Black Terns (17th). Toby Collett (


Ospreys flew over Bu­dle Bay (3rd), Low New­ton (17th) and Yeaver­ing Bell (29th). An­other was on Holy Is­land (26th & 28th). Lit­tle Stints in­cluded three at Low New­ton (4th-27th). Wood Sand­pipers were at Charl­ton Mires (4th), Low New­ton (15th) and The Farne Is­lands (29th). A Black Red­start was at How­ick (21st). Two Spot­ted Red­shanks were in Bu­dle Bay (14th-27th). Eight Curlew Sand­pipers were at Ber­wick (21st) with 11 at Boul­mer (26th), three at Low New­ton (18th-28th), two in Bu­dle Bay (17th) and two on Holy Is­land (20th). A Barred War­bler was on Holy Is­land (20th). Other Farne high­lights in­cluded Long-eared Owl (27th), and Wry­neck, Wood War­bler and Hen Har­rier (28th). Jonathan Fa­rooqi ( jonathan­fa­


SPURN AREA: A Green­ish War­bler was at Chalk Bank (18th) but the most mem­o­rable event was the ar­rival of Wil­low War­blers (22nd), with at least 350; the true fig­ure was likely dou­ble this. Red Kites were reg­u­lar, in­clud­ing three (8th) and at least two Ospreys passed. A Bit­tern was on Canal Scrape (12th). A good se­lec­tion of waders in the Kilnsea Wet­lands area in­cluded up to 23 Curlew Sand­pipers, 22 Green­shank, four Wood Sand­pipers, six Lit­tle Stints and six Lit­tle Ringed Plovers (a Spurn record). A Dot­terel flew south (28th); sea pas­sage was min­i­mal, with two Sabine’s Gulls (13th & 24th). Tern move­ment was patchy, with 7,400 Common and 50 Arc­tics (12th). Easter­lies mid-month brought 37 Red­starts, 28 Spot­ted and 22 Pied Fly­catch­ers, three Ic­ter­ine and two Barred War­blers, Red-backed Shrike, Wry­neck and Or­tolan Bunt­ing. John He­witt


SCAR­BOR­OUGH: A Storm Pe­trel was ringed at Long Nab (5th), where two Ravens flew over (18th). A Po­ma­rine Skua there (28th) was the first of au­tumn. Ospreys were at Eller­burn Trout Farm (6th and 16th). A Gar­ganey was an un­usual fly-by on a sea­watch at Ma­rine Drive (3rd). Sev­eral Yel­low-legged Gulls were reported there and a Caspian Gull flew past (25th). Sev­eral Sooty Shear­wa­ters were seen, with Balearic Shear­wa­ters (25th and 27th). Nick Addey (www.scar­bor­ough­bird­


HIGH­LIGHTS: The Glossy Ibis from July was still at Pot­teric Carr (1st-7th), with one at Auster­field (8th). A Honey Buz­zard flew south over Ed­derthorpe Flash (21st) and a Baird’s Sand­piper was at Hat­field Moors (30th-31st). OLD MOOR AREA: A Lit­tle Stint (5th-9th) was the first for two years, Lit­tle Egrets built up to a new record of 37 roost­ing (9th). A Wood Sand­piper showed (11th & 16th-17th), with 13 Curlew Sand­pipers (19th) and a Spot­ted Red­shank (20th-24th). Two Cetti’s War­blers were present (14th) with a Black-necked Grebe on the Mere (24th) and a Grey Plover (31st). Marsh Har­ri­ers were present all month with a max­i­mum of two (24th). Ospreys were seen over Bolton Ings (6th) and one on the 16th. OTHER SITES: An adult and a ju­ve­nile Caspian Gull were at Ing­birch­worth (1st) and were seen on and off all month. Marsh Har­ri­ers were at Ad­wick Wash­land (5th & 10th) and at Ed­derthorpe Flash (9th & 21st, with two, 19th). Waders at Ed­derthorpe in­cluded Lit­tle Stint (17th), three Turn­stones (18th) and Knot (21st), with four Curlew Sand­pipers at Ad­wick (19th). A max­i­mum of four Gar­ganey were also at Ed­derthorpe (16th) with a Red Kite over Cud­worth and Ad­wick (23rd). Ospreys were over Har­den (21st), Broom­head Reser­voir (24th), Ew­den Cabin (29th & 30th) and Den­aby Ings (31st). An Osprey was at Had­field Moors (9th-23rd). Had­field Moors had up to seven Curlew Sand­pipers (20th), four Wood Sand­pipers (23rd) and four Lit­tle Stints (29th). Nigel Smith – nigel­ or 07846684912, twit­ter @Barns­leybsg


BRAD­FORD: There were three Common Scot­ers (7th), Black-tailed God­wit (17th), three Turn­stones (19th), Ruff and two Lit­tle Ringed Plovers (20th), and two Whim­brels and Wi­geon (28th), all at Ox­en­hope Reser­voir. Two Common Scot­ers were at Sils­den (12th). A Black-tailed God­wit (20th) and two Green­shanks (30th) were at John O’gaunts. Ospreys flew over Keigh­ley Moor (26th) and Ox­en­hope (28th). Six Yel­low-legged Gulls were at Ox­en­hope Reser­voir, plus the oc­ca­sional Med Gull. A Med Gull was at Red­car Tarn (27th). A Lesser Whitethroat was at Pen­nythorn Hill (10th). A Grasshop­per War­bler was near Glover­shaw (13th), with Wheatears, Red­starts and Whin­chats there from mid-month. Chris King

Squacco Heron, Bar­ton Pits, Lin­colnshire, 9 Au­gust

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