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High­lights In as­so­ci­a­tion with ‘Mega’s in Au­gust in­cluded the long-stay­ing Amer­i­can Whitewinged Scoter in Aberdeen­shire, Syke’s War­bler on North Ron­ald­say, Orkney, and a Swin­hoe’s Pe­trel trapped on Fair Isle, Shet­land, which was ringed there in 2013.


IS­LAY: Gru­inart logged a Grasshop­per War­bler (2nd), two Hen Har­ri­ers, (6th), 12 Golden Plovers, two Knot, 26 Dun­lin and 200 Mal­lards (22nd) and 102 Teal (26th). Ospreys were at Gart­main (1st), Bun an Uillt (23rd) and over Gor­tan (25th). Bal­ly­grant had a Cross­bill and Barn Owl. A Spot­ted Fly­catcher and Mer­lin were at Bow­more. Kil­choman had a Spar­rowhawk (11th), 14 Mis­tle Thrushes, 20 Choughs and a Whitethroat (15th) and a Marsh Har­rier (28th). A Sooty Shear­wa­ter was with Manx Shear­wa­ters in the Sound of Is­lay (23rd), with 30 Kit­ti­wakes (30th). A Coot was on Loch Gorm. There were 42 Choughs, 50 Black-tailed God­wits, two Hen Har­ri­ers and a Pere­grine at Ard­nave (24th). A Great Skua was at Clad­dach Loch (25th). A Great Crested Grebe was at Port Char­lotte. Two Great Skuas, 3,023 Manx Shear­wa­ters, 35 Sooty Shear­wa­ters and 363 Gan­nets were off French­man’s Rocks (31st). TIREE: An early Spot­ted Sand­piper was at Bale­phetr­ish Bay (14th-22nd). A Pa­cific Golden Plover was at Mid­dle­ton (29th-31st). Ospreys were at Mil­ton (4th) and at Loch a’ Phuill (5th). A Hobby was at Bar­rapol (28th), with a very early Red­wing there (30th). A Med Gull was at The Green (19th). A Pied Fly­catcher was at Car­nan Mor (24th). A Black-throated Diver was off Soa (11th). A Golden Ea­gle was at Ruaig (11th). Two Robins re­turned. An early Gold­crest was at Bale­phuil (24th). There were three Cuck­oos (12th-18th), a trickle of Wil­low War­blers, Green­land Wheatears (from 29th) and White Wag­tails (from 15th). Pas­sage waders in­cluded a bumper 42 Curlew Sand­pipers (from 19th), in­clud­ing a flock of 23, 17 Ruff (from 13th), 18 Knot (from 9th), four Whim­brels, nine Green­shanks, 195 Black-tailed God­wits, two Grey Plovers, a Green Sand­piper, 350 Ringed Plovers and 411 San­der­ling. Sum­mer­ing birds in­cluded two Whooper Swans, a Wood­pi­geon, Dun­nock and Great Northern Diver. Two pairs of Moorhens bred, as did Tiree’s sec­ond-ever pair of House Martins. Three Spar­rowhawks, four Mer­lins and four Hen Har­ri­ers hunted. The all-is­land count (29th-30th) found 2,357 Grey­lags, 3,135 Lap­wing and 650 Golden Plovers. Seawatch­ing pro­duced a record 23,530 Manx Shear­wa­ters in two hours off Aird (8th), with move­ments per hour of up to 395 Gan­nets, 380 Ful­mars, 82 Kit­ti­wakes and 234 Puffins. There were 27 Sooty Shear­wa­ters, 20 Storm Pe­trels, 18 Great Skuas, ten Arc­tic Skuas, a Po­ma­rine Skua (8th) and eight Common Terns (15th). James How (Is­lay­ and Dr John Bowler (


HIGH­LIGHTS: Up to six Ospreys showed reg­u­larly at Watch Water in the Lam­mer­muir Hills, with sin­gles at Yetholm Loch (8th & 23rd) and Tweed Bridge, Cold­stream (18th). Seawatch­ing at Rot­ten Brae, Eye­mouth (6th) pro­duced 275 Gan­nets, 23 Shags, 120 Kit­ti­wakes, 11 Ful­mars, five Sand­wich Terns and 10 Oys­ter­catch­ers. Pax­ton House (4th) had a Wood Sand­piper and King­fisher, with 14 Cor­morants and 146 Swifts (11th). Hirsel (18th) had four Tufted Ducks, 20 Coots and 18 Lit­tle Grebes. Hule Moss (Green­law Moor) had five San­der­ling, a Wood Sand­piper and 288 Swallows (14th), with two Ruff (21st) and Red Kite (24th). A Pere­grine flushed 24 Tufted Ducks, 43 Teal and two Ringed Plovers there (27th). Green­law Pool (Foulden) had 11 Ruff. A pair of Golden Ea­gle suc­cess­fully raised two young in the re­gion. James D Lough


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Lit­tle Stint was at Sk­in­flats (5th), with a Med Gull there (17th). A Lit­tle Gull was at Kin­neil La­goon (8th). A Curlew Sand­piper at Pow­foulis was a site first (19th). Six more were at Sk­in­flats Pools (21st). A Honey Buz­zard flew over Bo’ness (23rd). CLACK­MAN­NAN­SHIRE: A Green Sand­piper was at Tulli­body Inch (11th). Two Swifts were over Dol­lar (26th). FALKIRK DIS­TRICT: Four Pink­feet were ei­ther over-sum­mer­ing birds or early re­turnees (25th). KIN­NEIL: A Bar-tailed God­wit, 571 Black-tailed God­wits and a Green­shank were noted (4th). A Shov­eler, 658 Black-tailed God­wits and two Green­shanks were present (18th). A Lit­tle Egret was seen sev­eral times (19th-27th). POW­FOULIS: There was a Ruff, 25 Sand­wich Terns and a Swift (14th). A Lit­tle Egret, Shov­eler and Green­shank were seen (20th). A Ruff was present (28th). SK­IN­FLATS POOLS: There were six Shov­el­ers (9th), Green­shanks (14th and 28th), a Ruff (21st) and Whim­brel (28th). STIR­LING DIS­TRICT: A Nuthatch was at Cam­bus­more (14th) with four at Doon Hill, Aber­foyle (18th). Neil Bielby DUM­FRIES AND GAL­LOWAY HIGH­LIGHTS: Ospreys were at Th­reave, Loch Doon, Caerlave­rock, Wig­town Bay, River An­nan and Mull of Gal­loway. A Great White Egret (22nd-31st) and Marsh Har­rier were at Caerlave­rock. Green Sand­pipers were at Cum­stoun and Caerlave­rock. Green­shanks were at Crook of Bal­doon, Pil­tan­ton, Carse Bay and Caerlave­rock. Curlew Sand­pipers were at Pil­tan­ton and Pow­illimount. The Sol­way coast held five Med Gulls, 60 Sand­wich Terns, Common Sand­piper, White Wag­tail, Whim­brel, 100 Golden Plovers, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Dun­lin, Turn­stone, Whin­chat, Wheatear, 50 Lin­nets and Meadow Pip­its. Twenty Field­fares were at Lau­rieston (23rd). Lit­tle Egrets were at the River Nith, Crook of Bal­doon, Pil­tan­ton and Gar­lieston Bay. Three Ruff, Black-tailed God­wits, 1,000 Teal, Wi­geon, Pin­tails and Shov­el­ers were at Caerlave­rock and Crook of Bal­doon. A Bar-tailed God­wit was at South­er­ness (23rd). A Scaup, and hun­dreds of Shel­ducks, Pin­tails and Grey­lags were at Airds Point (30th). MULL OF GAL­LOWAY/RHINS: Gan­net, Guille­mot, Black Guille­mot, Manx Shear­wa­ter, Lit­tle Ringed Plover, Reed War­bler, Pere­grine, Spar­rowhawk, Wil­low War­bler, Sedge War­bler, Chif­fchaff, Whitethroat, Meadow Pipit, Wheatear, Lin­net and hirundines were noted. Great Crested Grebe, Slavo­nian Grebe and Red-throated Diver were on Loch Ryan. OTHER SITES: Red Kites were at Th­reave Es­tate/cas­tle Dou­glas. Snipe, Lap­wing and Raven were at Caerlave­rock. Nuthatch and Lit­tle Grebe were at Eskrigg. Oys­ter­catch­ers and Curlews were in Kirkcud­bright Bay. Goosanders were at Pow­illimount and Airds Point. Dun­lin, Lap­wing, Snipe, Rock Pipit, Grey Wag­tail, Wheatear, Whitethroat, Red­start and Whin­chat were at Pow­illimount/carse. Knot, Dun­lin, Oys­ter­catcher and Red­shank were at South­er­ness and Merse­head. Tawny Owls were wide­spread. Pam Woods (Dum­friesandgal­loway­bird­ing@ya­


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Ring-necked Duck (23rd) was our sec­ond record. A Swin­hoe’s Pe­trel trapped (14th & 15th) and heard again (23rd) had orig­i­nally been caught in 2013. There were Green­ish War­blers (19th, 23rd & 28th), a Blyth’s Reed War­bler (28th), Rose-coloured Star­ling (31st) and Booted War­bler (28th-31st). WILD­FOWL: Max­ima in­cluded 11 Grey­lags, a Tufted Duck, 129 Eiders, a Long-tailed Duck, 89 Oys­ter­catch­ers, 122 Ringed Plovers, 35 Golden Plovers, eight Lap­wings, 17 Knot, eight San­der­ling, two Lit­tle Stints, 25 Purple Sand­pipers, 38 Dun­lin, 19 Ruff, 47 Snipe, 13 Black-tailed God­wits, 11 Whim­brels, 14 Curlews, seven Common Sand­pipers, a Green Sand­piper, three Green­shanks, a Wood Sand­piper, 59 Red­shanks and 95 Turn­stones. There were two Red-throated Divers, four Sooty Shear­wa­ters and a Po­ma­rine Skua seen from the Good Shep­herd, and two Manx Shear­wa­ters. Storm Pe­trel ring­ing was con­ducted on 11 nights with a to­tal of 1,279 birds caught, max­i­mum 312 (15th). Three Leach’s Pe­trels were also caught. There were eight Cor­morants, 11 Herons and Slavo­nian Grebes (19th and 24th). A Hen Har­rier, four Kestrels, two Mer­lins and a Pere­grine hunted. There were eight Black-headed Gulls, 199 Common Gulls, 44 Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Common Tern (1st), an Arc­tic Tern, an oiled Long-eared Owl and the last six Swifts (29th). Three Wry­necks ar­rived (from 19th), with a Red-backed Shrike (21st-26th), 48 Sky Larks, 20 Pied Wag­tails, 106 White Wag­tails, a Grey-headed Wag­tail on four dates, a Grey Wag­tail (27th), 10 Tree Pip­its, 702 Meadow Pip­its and 193 Rock Pip­its. Max­ima in­cluded 16 Swallows, two Sand Martins, a House Martin, three Wood War­blers, five Chif­fchaffs, 183 Wil­low War­blers, a Black­cap, seven Gar­den War­blers, four Barred War­blers, six Lesser Whitethroats, five Whitethroats, a Grasshop­per War­bler, three Sedge War­blers, five Reed War­blers and four Ic­ter­ine War­blers. There was one sum­mer­ing Black­bird, with the first mi­grant (29th), two Field­fares (from 18th), a sum­mer­ing Red­wing, joined by an­other (from 28th), three Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers, a Black Red­start, two Red­starts, 253 Wheatears, 19 Pied Fly­catch­ers, four Bram­blings, two Lin­nets, 192 Twite, a Cross­bill, and a Common Rosefinch (from 23rd), with two (28th-29th). Lee Gregory


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Corn Crake was at Boarhills (28th). A Black Tern was at Rud­dons Point (28th). A Green­ish War­bler was at Kilmin­ning (20th). CEN­TRAL FIFE: Letham Pools had Osprey, five Water Rails, Wood Sand­pipers, Spot­ted Red­shanks, Green­shanks, Black-tailed God­wits, Ruff and two Whin­chats (27th). Wilder­ness had Lit­tle Ringed Plovers, Ringed Plovers, Knot, Lit­tle Stints, Wood Sand­pipers, Green Sand­pipers, Black-tailed God­wits, Common Sand­pipers, Green­shanks, Dun­lin and Ruff. A Lit­tle Stint was at Path­head (13th). A Green Sand­piper vis­ited Linkswood Pool. Dysart had Great and Po­ma­rine Skua (20th). Med Gulls were at East We­myss (five, 24th), Dysart and Buck­haven. Four Whin­chats were in Glen Vale. A Pied Fly­catcher was in Bev­eridge Park (27th). EAST FIFE: A Marsh Har­rier was at Crail (24th). A Lit­tle Stint was at Bal­comie Beach with Curlew Sand­pipers (20th-21st). An­other Curlew Sand­piper was at Tay­port (28th). Lit­tle Stints, Common Sand­pipers, Green­shanks and Ruff were in the Eden Es­tu­ary. Whim­brels were at Bal­comie and Fife Ness (30th). Great Skuas, Arc­tic Skuas and a Long-tailed Skua passed Fife Ness (28th). Whin­chats were at Kilmin­ning. Nine Wheatears were at Bal­comie (27th). Med Gulls were at An­struther and St Andrews. Bal­comie held a Gar­den War­bler, 10 Wil­low War­blers and Pied Fly­catcher (20th). Pied Fly­catch­ers were at Wormis­ton and Fife Ness. WEST FIFE: Four Common Sand­pipers were at Loch Gelly (21st). Val­ley­field La­goons held 11 Green­shanks (23rd). Two Whim­brels were at Cul­ross (14th) and five Ruff at Loch Gelly. A Barn Owl was at Cow­den­beath (16th). Med Gulls vis­ited Aber­dour and Kelty. Some 167 Tree Pip­its flew over Fer­ry­hills in three hours (14th). A Gar­den War­bler and Spot­ted Fly­catch­ers were also there. David Hee­ley (dw.hee­ley@bt­in­ter­


HIGH­LIGHTS: The long-stay­ing Black Duck re­mained at Stron­tian. Hob­bies were at Crom­dale (16th), Nethy­bridge (23rd) and Insh Marshes (all month). Sabine’s Gulls were at Neist Point (30th), Staf­fin (all month) and Chanonry Point (29th). A Honey Buz­zard was near Mary­bank (16th). A Nuthatch was at Dun­don­nell (25th) and a Lesser Whitethroat at Dornie (8th). An Ic­ter­ine War­bler vis­ited Tar­bat Ness (20th-21st).

BADE­NOCH AND STRATH­SPEY: A Marsh Har­rier at Insh Marshes and a King­fisher at Kin­gussie were seen through­out. A Green Wood­pecker was at Feshiebridge (5th).

EASTER ROSS: A Quail was at Tain (1st). Sea-watch­ing at Tar­bat Ness pro­duced max­ima of 15 Common Scot­ers, a Sooty Shear­wa­ter (13th), 250 Manx Shear­wa­ters (29th), three Arc­tic Skuas (22nd), five Po­ma­rine Skuas (31st), two Puffins (25th), 90 Black Guille­mots (27th), 44 Arc­tic Terns (13th) and 750 Kit­ti­wakes (22nd). Also there were 18 Whim­brels (20th), 27 Black-tailed God­wits, a Purple Sand­piper (21st) and two Pied Fly­catch­ers (22nd).

IN­VER­NESS-SHIRE AND BLACK ISLE: A King­fisher was at Udale Bay (21st). A Curlew Sand­piper (21st) and four Arc­tic Skuas (29th) were at Chanonry Point. A White-tailed Ea­gle was near Beauly (19th). A Stock Dove was at Cas­tle Stuart (4th). Fort George had a Grey Plover (9th) and six Arc­tic Skuas (20th). Max­ima at White­ness in­cluded 200 Bar-tailed God­wits, 540 Knot, 235 Dun­lin, 66 San­der­ling, 106 Common Terns and 235 Sand­wich Terns. Also seen was a Brent Goose (from 13th), Pochard (3rd), two Ospreys (21st), a Grey Plover (13th-14th), Lit­tle Stint (13th), a Curlew Sand­piper (from 19th), with two (from 28th) and a Short-eared Owl (28th).

NW & SUTHER­LAND: The Bal­nakeil area held Marsh Har­rier (26th-28th), 15 Black-tailed God­wits (21st) and six Ruff (22nd-23rd). A Mer­lin was at Stoer Head (4th & 25th). A Curlew Sand­piper was in the Bay of Culkein (23rd). Ten Sooty Shear­wa­ters passed Rubha Reidh (30th). There were 55 Puffins off the Summer Isles (1st). The Glau­cous Gull re­mained at Ul­lapool. A Long-eared Owl was at Glas­carnoch (11th). Lit­tle Stints (4th & 17th) and 175 San­der­ling were at Dornoch.

SKYE AND SW: Some 1,216 Manx Shear­wa­ters and two Storm Pe­trels passed Neist Point (7th). A Leach’s Pe­trel was off Staf­fin (20th). A Grey Plover was in Balmeanach Bay (21st). Broad­ford Bay held 21 Whim­brels (7th), six Green­shanks (4th) and 120 Twite (15th). On the main­land, a Man­darin was on Loch nan Eala (to 18th). A Curlew Sand­piper (26th-27th) and Ruff (from 27th) were at Traigh. Tom Wells


HIGH­LIGHTS: Mus­sel­burgh scrapes held sin­gle Wood Sand­pipers (2nd-8th & 17th) while an Egyp­tian Goose was briefly at the Eskmouth (5th). Green Sand­pipers were recorded at Mus­sel­burgh (5th, 17-19th), Tyn­ing­hame (11th-15th) and Scoughall (20th). A Lit­tle Ringed Plover was at Aber­lady and a Lit­tle Tern at Tyn­ing­hame (7th). An adult Spot­ted Sand­piper showed very well at Fluke Dub, near Dun­bar (15th-21st). A Wry­neck was at White Sands (20th). A summer-plumage Black Guille­mot was in Gosford Bay (22nd). Sea-watch­ing on the 27th pro­duced Black Terns at Mus­sel­burgh and Scoughall, Sooty Shear­wa­ters at Aber­lady and Barns Ness and a ju­ve­nile Long-tailed Skua past Barns Ness. Scoughall also fea­tured a Cory’s Shear­wa­ter (28th). Marsh Har­ri­ers were seen widely in­clud­ing at Aber­lady (7th & 13th), Tyn­ing­hame (10th, 19th and two on the 29th), White Sands Quarry (20th), Scoughall (20th-30th), Harper­rigg (25th) and In­ner­wick (30th).

MUS­SEL­BURGH AREA: Peak wader counts on the scrapes in­cluded two Lit­tle Stints (5th-8th), four Green­shanks (16th), 24 Ruff (20th), 19 Black-tailed God­wits (22nd) and seven Curlew Sand­pipers (22nd). The scrapes also fea­tured an adult Lit­tle Gull (5th-17th), a Med Gull (17th), an Osprey over (21st) and three Lit­tle Egrets (22nd). A Red-necked Grebe (6th-24th) and a Black-throated Diver (10th-30th) were seen. An Arc­tic Tern (26th), 10 Arc­tic Skuas (27th), three Bonx­ies (28th) and a Po­ma­rine Skua (28th) passed off­shore.

ABER­LADY AREA: A Lit­tle Stint and Shov­eler were present (7th). A Roseate Tern (13th) and Osprey (21st) were seen from Gul­lane Point. Three Curlew Sand­pipers were noted by the tim­ber bridge (28th). Up to seven Lit­tle Egrets were in the area through­out.

TYN­ING­HAME AREA: Waders in­cluded 18 Green­shanks (4th-6th), 10 Whim­brel and four Lit­tle Stints (6th), three Black-tailed God­wits (14th), four Ruff (21st) and two Curlew Sand­pipers (24th-26th). A Mer­lin and two Yel­low Wag­tails (6th) and a ju­ve­nile Red­start (10th) were seen. Scoughall held Lesser Whitethroat and Whin­chat (15th), two Scaup (27th), five Arc­tic Skua and two Bonx­ies (30th).

BARNS NESS: Two Ruff were at White Sands Quarry (6th) which also held Red-necked Grebe (10th). A Pied Fly­catcher and two Whin­chats were at Barns Ness (20th). A Curlew Sand­piper in­flux (21st-25th) in­cluded sin­gles at Barns Ness and Thorn­ton­loch, two at Tor­ness and three at White Sands. A Lit­tle Stint was at Tor­ness (28th). Sea-watch­ing at Barns Ness on the 28th pro­duced five Bonx­ies, 18 Arc­tic Skuas, 15 Manx Shear­wa­ters and 40 Brent Geese.

OTHER SITES: Cra­mond fea­tured nine Green­shanks (2nd), five Common Sand­pipers (6th), six Whim­brels (7th) and five Bonx­ies (29th), with an Osprey at Hound Point (9th). A Med Gull (2nd), two Roseate Terns (9th) and 24 Red-necked Grebes (22nd) were in Gosford Bay. A Quail sang near Kingston (14th). Those look­ing for the Spot­ted Sand­piper (15th-21st) at Fluke Dub also recorded an Osprey, a Mer­lin, three Common Sand­pipers, a Whim­brel, a Med Gull, and four Yel­low Wag­tails. Jim Ni­chol­son


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Black-throated Diver was off Wester Sand, Holm and three Great Northern Divers off North Ron­ald­say. The Brough of Bir­say logged up to 6,300 Ful­mars per hour plus 42 Manx Shear­wa­ters. There were 43 of the lat­ter off North Ron­ald­say, plus a peak of 81 Sooty Shear­wa­ters, a Fea’s Pe­trel (1st), Cory’s Shear­wa­ter (25th), Great Shear­wa­ters (30th and 31st), a Balearic Shear­wa­ter (31st), 28 Storm Pe­trels (7th) and 3,002 Gan­nets (30th). The Ring-necked Duck was seen again on the Loch of Bosquoy. A Buz­zard was un­usual on North Ron­ald­say. Water Rails were there and at The Loons. Wader max­ima in­cluded 1,117 Golden Plovers, a Grey Plover, a Dot­terel at Skel­wick, 173 Knot, 90 San­der­ling, 13 Lit­tle Stints, two Curlew Sand­pipers, 33 Purple Sand­pipers, 226 Dun­lin, a Baird’s Sand­piper at Eve’s Loch, Deer­ness (17th), 35 Ruff, 182 Snipe, 61 Black-tailed God­wits, 64 Bar-tailed God­wits, 14 Whim­brels, three Green­shanks, a Spot­ted Red­shank, two Green Sand­pipers, two Wood Sand­pipers, three Common Sand­pipers and 351 Turn­stones. Arc­tic Skuas were seen in good num­bers. A Long-tailed Skua was off Point of Ayre and a Po­ma­rine Skua off Bur­wick. A Lit­tle Gull was at the Hope, a Med Gull in Bir­say Bay and a Glau­cous Gull at the Peedie Sea. A Cuckoo was at The Shu­nan. Six Wry­necks were on North Ron­ald­say and one at Ness Bur­ray. North Ron­ald­say logged peaks of two Tree Pip­its, 310 Meadow Pip­its, a Grey Wag­tail, Yel­low Wag­tail, eight White Wag­tails, a Black Red­start, two Red­starts, five Whin­chats, 138 Wheatears, a Grasshop­per War­bler, Marsh War­bler, two Reed War­blers, two Ic­ter­ine War­blers, a Black­cap, 73 Wil­low War­blers, five Chif­fchaffs, a Wood War­bler, two Red-backed Shrikes and 27 Pied Fly­catch­ers. A Sykes’s War­bler there (28th), was only the 13th Bri­tish record. Three Barred War­blers were on North Ron­ald­say, with an­other at East Den­wick. Green­ish War­blers were on Pa­pay, North Ron­ald­say, Evie and South Ron­ald­say. Gold­crests bred at Happy Val­ley. A Tree Spar­row was in Deer­ness. Goldfinches con­tinue to colonise the St. Ola/firth/or­phir area. Sim­i­larly, red­polls look as though they are be­com­ing truly es­tab­lished with 20 at Long­house, St. Ola, ‘good num­bers’ at Mud­dis­dale, 14 in the Scor­radale/lin­nadale area of Or­phir and four on North Ron­ald­say. Two Common Rosefinches were on North Ron­ald­say and one on Pa­pay. Two La­p­land Buntings on Pa­pay’s North Hill were early. Eric Meek


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Western Sand­piper was at Aird an Ru­nair, Bal­ranald (31st). A Semi­pal­mated Sand­piper was off Bal­garva, South Uist (18th-20th).

OTHER SITES: A Great Crested Grebe was on Loch Sandary (1st). Sooty Shear­wa­ters were reg­u­lar off Ard­vule with 91 (31st), when four were off Gri­m­in­ish Point and 15 off Aird an Ru­nair. Nine were seen from the Ul­lapool­stornoway ferry (24th), with eight off Barra (23rd). Storm Pe­trels in­cluded 34 past Ard­vule (10th) and 95, plus three Leach’s Pe­trels seen from the Ul­lapool-stornoway ferry (24th). An Osprey was at Loch Bee (14th). The Crane re­mained in the Loch Mor/loch Fada area. An in­flux of Curlew Sand­pipers in­volved at least 50 in­di­vid­u­als (from 20th), in­clud­ing 14 on Bale­share (23rd). Lit­tle Stints were at Bali­vanich (23rd-26th), Stoney­bridge and Bor­nish (27th). A Wood Sand­piper was at West Loch Ol­lay (20th-21st). Green Sand­pipers were at Creagorry, Min­gu­lay and Loch Sandary. A Spot­ted Red­shank was at Bern­eray (18th). Buff-breasted Sand­pipers were at the Butt and Bal­ranald (31st). A Lit­tle Gull flew south at Ard­vule (26th) and an Ice­land Gull was at Borve Point (18th). A Tur­tle Dove was at Bal­ranald (31st). A Grey Wag­tail was at Bre­vig (4th). A Hawfinch was at Morghan, Barra (6th). Steve Duffield ( uk)


HIGH­LIGHTS: Loch Leven logged 10 Ospreys (20th), a Lit­tle Ringed Plover (22nd), Wood Sand­piper (20th), 1,000 Mal­lards and 2,000 Coots (20th), 200 Pin­tails (26th), four Ringed Plovers (31st), 10 Black-tailed God­wits (16th), a Turn­stone (2nd), Knot (22nd), 11 Ruff (31st), five Dun­lin, four Common Sand­pipers (20th), three Green­shanks (25th) and 7,000 Sand Martins (31st). There were 46 Lit­tle Grebes, 140 Mal­lards and 290 Teal at Carse­breck (16th), plus three Red Kites (31st). Five Grey Par­tridges were at Orwell, Loch Leven (12th). Two Hen Har­ri­ers and a Mer­lin were at Glen­de­von (13th) with a Hen Har­rier near Trochy (14th). A White-tailed Ea­gle vis­ited Meg­ginch (12th). Lap­wings in­cluded 200 at Carse­breck and 286 at Port Allen (31st). King­fish­ers were at Port Allen (7th and 22nd) and Carse­breck (16th). A Red­start vis­ited a Mil­nathort gar­den (27th). A Tree Pipit was at Bat­tleby (17th). Nine Twite were at Ben Law­ers (10th). Scott Pater­son (


HIGH­LIGHTS: A Black Tern was at Ar­broath (28th), with Med Gulls there (1st & 28th) and 58 Lit­tle Gulls (26th). A Red-necked Grebe was on the Lur­gies (2nd). A Ring-necked Para­keet was in a Kir­riemuir gar­den (2nd). There were 37 Manx Shear­wa­ters, six Arc­tic Skuas, a Great Skua, Whim­brel and two Lit­tle Terns at Fish Town (1st), with a Hobby (20th-22nd). A Black-throated Diver was at Back Water Dam (3rd). A Roseate Tern was at Seaton of Usan (29th). A White-rumped Sand­piper, Lit­tle Stint and Lit­tle Ringed Plover were at Mon­trose Basin. For­far Loch (9th) held a Lit­tle Ringed Plover and Osprey (18th). A Nuthatch came to feed­ers at Letham Grange (14th). Six Curlew Sand­pipers were at Rossie Spit (24th). A Pied Fly­catcher was at Mains of Usan (21st). Three Quails were at Fern Brechin (26th),

LOCH OF KINNORDY: Two Marsh Har­ri­ers, Osprey, Buz­zard, 20 Mis­tle Thrushes, two Sedge War­blers, 60 Lap­wings, four Mute Swans with eight cygnets and Water Rail were present (11th). The feed­ing sta­tion at­tracted Tree Spar­row, Great Spot­ted Wood­pecker and Siskin. Two Ospreys, a Green­shank and Black-tailed God­wit were seen (27th).

MON­TROSE BASIN: Max­ima in­cluded 11 Cor­morants, 152 Mute Swans, 105 Shel­ducks, 50 Wi­geon, 21 Teal, 1,493 Eider, 57 Gold­en­eye, 64 Goosanders, 932 Oys­ter­catch­ers, 1,028 Lap­wings, 26 Knot, 233 Dun­lin, 50 Black-tailed God­wits, 323 Curlews, 1,434 Red­shanks, 13 Green­shanks, two Turn­stones, a Guille­mot, 93 Sand­wich Terns, 419 Common Terns and a Gan­net. The Lur­gies (10th-12th) held an Osprey, King­fisher, 13 Pink­feet, three Ruff, two Water Rails and four Common Sand­pipers. A Wood Sand­piper, Spot­ted Red­shank and Ruff were on the Slunks (28th).

OTHER SITES: Craig Mill Den (2nd) held a Sedge War­bler, two Tree Spar­rows and two Grey Wag­tails. Lu­nan Bay logged 40 Gan­nets, Vel­vet and Common Scot­ers, 19 Sand­wich Terns, four Ful­mars, 141 Sand­wich Terns, 16 Common Terns, 85 Kit­ti­wakes, a Whim­brel, two Stock Doves, two Knot, six San­der­ling and four Oys­ter­catch­ers. Ar­broath Harbour held three Turn­stones. For­far Loch (3rd) held five Great Crested Grebes with three young and 12 Lit­tle Grebes with five young. The East Haven coast (20th) held three Lit­tle Gulls, two Ruff, two Whim­brels and 100 Gan­nets. Barry Bud­don (21st) had two Whin­chats, Wheatear and Kestrel. Craig Mill Den (23rd) had Dip­per, two Grey Wag­tails, Kestrel and Spot­ted Fly­catcher. River­side Na­ture Park (27th) had King­fisher, five Curlew Sand­pipers, Ruff, two Ospreys, Spar­rowhawk and Whitethroat. Bob Mc­cur­ley

King Eider, Mur­car GC, Aberdeen­shire, July

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