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10x42 With ex­tra-low dis­per­sion (ED) glass and multi-coated op­tics, these binoc­u­lars pro­duce sharp, clear im­ages in all con­di­tions. Fo­cus­ing is pre­cise and the fo­cus wheel trav­els just 1.2 turns from close fo­cus to in­fin­ity, per­fect for quickly pick­ing out birds at a va­ri­ety of dis­tances on a vis­i­ble mi­gra­tion watch. The ex­tra mag­ni­fi­ca­tion comes in handy, too, and their light weight makes them easy to use for a full day in the field. Their price – £209 – makes them a very af­ford­able op­tion for be­gin­ners, although ex­pe­ri­enced bird­ers will also find a lot to ad­mire.

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