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HIGH­LIGHTS: Long-tailed Ducks were at Sk­in­flats and Lar­bert Pond (16th), and at Loch Ard (23rd). A Com­mon Scoter was a site first for the Lake of Men­teith (20th). BO’NESS & BLACKNESS: There was a Sand­wich Tern (6th). FALKIRK DISTRICT: Some10,000 Pink­feet were on the Forth Es­tu­ary at Sk­in­flats (1st). The Bean Goose flock was back near Sla­man­nan (14th). There were 33 Whooper Swans near S. Bells­dyke (16th). A Scaup was a site first at Loch Ell­rig, where five Bar­na­cle Geese were among 1,500 Pink­feet. There were nine Whooper Swans on Lit­tle Denny Reser­voir (29th), when a Bar­na­cle Goose was with 3,000 Pink­feet near Sk­in­flats. KINNEIL: There was a Turn­stone (6th), 148 Golden Plovers, 400 Black-tailed God­wits and five Green­shanks (14th), and two Lit­tle Egrets (22nd). SK­IN­FLATS POOLS: There were nine Shov­el­ers, Scaup and Black­cap (22nd), and 18 Whooper Swans plus 20 Grey Plovers (29th). Sk­in­flats tidal ex­change had Lit­tle Egret (22nd). STIR­LING: There were 41 Lit­tle Grebes and 78 Snipe at Cam­bus­more GP (2nd). Four­teen Red­wings flew over Cocks­burn Reser­voir (4th). A record 625 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were on the Lake of Men­teith (20th), when three Gad­wall were on Gart­more Pond and eight Whooper Swans re­turned to Loch Dochart. Eight Cross­bills flew over Sher­iff Muir (22nd). Hen Har­ri­ers were be­low Thorn­hill (29th) and at Flan­der’s Moss (30th). A White-fronted Goose was by Mid-cam­bushin­nie Farm (30th). Seventeen Whooper Swans were on Loch Lub­hair (31st). UP­PER FORTH: A co-or­di­nated count (16th) pro­duced 62 Cor­morants, three Lit­tle Egrets, 33 Whooper Swans, 3,300 Pink­feet, 775 Shel­ducks, 332 Wi­geon, 737 Teal, 41 Pin­tails, two Shov­el­ers, a Long-tailed Duck, 14 Red-breasted Mer­gansers, 127 Oys­ter­catch­ers, 468 Golden Plovers, 17 Grey Plovers, 838 Lap­wings, 887 Knot, 1,811 Dun­lin, 602 Black-tailed God­wits, 126 Bar-tailed God­wits, 617 Curlews, 2,886 Red­shanks, two Green­shanks, two Guille­mots, a Ra­zor­bill, three Arc­tic Skuas and a King­fisher. Neil Bielby

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