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THE SHORE LARK is a scarce win­ter vis­i­tor to the UK in very vari­able num­bers. In a bad year there are only a few scat­tered around the (mainly east) coast, but in good win­ters there are sev­eral hundred at least. This year is a good one, with some very large (by Shore Lark stan­dards) flocks al­ready gath­ered at sites such as Holkham Gap, in north Nor­folk, where there have been more than 50 from late Oc­to­ber. Shore Larks are almost ex­clu­sively coastal birds in the UK, found shuf­fling around on the ground feed­ing on seeds and small in­ver­te­brates. They are not par­tic­u­larly shy birds, but can be very un­ob­tru­sive. With a de­cent view, though, the Shore Lark is a very pretty bird, with all the good­ness con­cen­trated at the front end in the yel­low and black face and the tiny, thin feath­ery horns at the back of the head. Go to seek them this win­ter, as it may be the best chance to see de­cent num­bers of Shore Larks for a while.

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