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Jack­daws build their loose twiggy nest in a hole or in a fork of a tree (or a chim­ney!) GAR­DEN YEAR LIST­ING Jays build nests in a fork of a tree higher than 2m above the ground. The stick and mud nest has an in­ner cup lined with hair etc. TAWNY OWL

An easy one – Tawny Owls are owls (the UK’S com­mon­est owls) and they are tawny, which ba­si­cally means or­ange­brown coloured. They are also called Brown Owls (or were in the olden days). The only com­pli­ca­tion to this sim­ple nam­ing sys­tem comes from the fact that Tawny Owls are a bit vari­able in tone, so most birds are red brown while oth­ers are much greyer. In­deed, the ex­tremes may be con­sid­ered ‘colour morphs’.

There are many ways to ap­proach year list­ing. One which arguably re­quires the least ef­fort (at least in terms of trans­port) is a gar­den year list. In gen­eral, bird­watch­ers take a slightly dif­fer­ent ap­proach to gar­den lists from, say, county lists. With a county list, most bird­ers only count birds they record within the bound­aries of the par­tic­u­lar county. How­ever, with gar­den lists, it is re­garded (by most) as per­fectly OK to count any bird seen or heard from within your house or gar­den. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules, and Ravens build their large nests of sticks high up on shel­tered cliff ledges (in­clud­ing at the coast), tall build­ings or even on towers or py­lons as well as tall trees.

Car­rion and Hooded Crow nests are bulky tan­gles of sticks and mud, usu­ally high in tall trees, and soli­tary. Num­ber of pairs of Wren in the UK (our com­mon­est bird)

you can make your own rules up! What­ever you choose, keep­ing a gar­den year list is a great way to get more from your gar­den and sur­round­ings and can make get­ting up in the morn­ing to greet the dawn just that bit more bear­able… Try and watch reg­u­larly if you can. You can even join in na­tion­wide sur­veys if you want, with the Big Gar­den Bird­watch at the end of Jan­uary or per­haps join the BTO’S monthly Gar­den Bird­watch scheme

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