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COM­MON SUNS­TAR There’s noth­ing like a coastal walk to take the edge off any New Year’s Day hang­over. And all the more so if the pre­ced­ing days have been stormy. In such con­di­tions, stran­d­lines across the UK may be lit­tered with the rem­nants of marine life. Keep your gaze di­rected to­wards the tide­line de­bris to dis­cern such oth­er­wise hard-to-see crea­tures as the Com­mon Suns­tar. While find­ing a dead ex­am­ple may sad­den you, see­ing it at all re­mains a treat. This beau­ti­ful starfish has up to 14 arms, and oc­curs no fur­ther south than our seas.

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