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When GOB first saw a Wall­creeper, he shed salt tears! in north Queens­land. In­va­sive in­tro­duc­tions of­ten re­place the na­tives, whether it’s House Spar­rows in the US or Grey Squir­rels in the UK. Of course some ‘weed birds’ are a twitcher’s dream one day and ‘rub­bish birds’ a few decades later. I have one more term to in­tro­duce, that I coined only a few hours ago… ‘bug birds’. These are the birds that when glimpsed are a ma­jor rar­ity, that a split sec­ond later turn out to be com­mon­place. Cer­tain birds seem to have the abil­ity to morph from pulse quick­en­ing rar­ity to em­bar­rass­ingly ob­vi­ous com­mon­ers with in­cred­i­ble reg­u­lar­ity. Do you have your own? I’ll start you off with a few. Pi­geons seem to cloak them­selves in rap­tor jizz; I have of­ten rushed binoc­u­lars to eyes prompted by a Pere­grine stoop or flut­ter that turned out to be a pi­geon tak­ing the Mickey. I’ve spent hours stak­ing out a bush with a glimpsed mega that turns out to be a Chif­fchaff dressed in odd light. My third is the hum­ble Chaffinch, that can set your heart rac­ing with a ran­dom call or its wet plumage. This is an in­ter­na­tional phe­nom­e­non.

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