What is this lit­tle bird I saw in Nor­folk?

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Could you please iden­tify this bird I saw at Hickling Marshes in Nor­folk this Oc­to­ber? Heather Bint

QThis pretty lit­tle bird is a Stonechat. Oc­ca­sion­ally misiden­ti­fied by begin­ners as a Robin due to that orange-red breast, the Stonechat is a fairly wide­spread res­i­dent in the UK. Stonechats can also be con­fused with the sim­i­lar but mi­gra­tory Whin­chat, which

Acan look very like a fe­male Stonechat or a male in win­ter plumage. One big clue in this case is to look at the su­per­cil­ium or ‘eye­brow’; in Whin­chats this will al­ways be very prom­i­nent, what­ever time of year you see the bird, whereas in the Stonechat it will be in­dis­tinct at best, and more usu­ally ab­sent. The Stonechat will also have an orange-red breast in con­trast to the more buff breast of the Whin­chat. Look for an­other as part of #My200birdyear

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