Is this bird the rar­ity I think it is?

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Hav­ing read Do­minic Couzens’ piece on Cetti’s War­blers and how rarely they are seen, I saw this. Could this pos­si­bly be a Cetti’s War­bler? Robin Sum­sion

QAs Do­minic said, the Cetti’s War­bler is very rarely seen, de­spite be­com­ing a more and more wide­spread and nu­mer­ous species. It’s brown, fairly non­de­script, and per­fectly adapted to blend in with its pre­ferred habi­tat, in which it tends to skulk and hide.

AEven when they are heard, they are in­cred­i­bly dif­fi­cult to ac­tu­ally spot. That be­ing said, some of us are ei­ther bet­ter ob­servers or luck­ier than oth­ers. This bird is def­i­nitely look­ing good for a Cetti’s to us, from that su­per­cil­ium (‘eye­brow’) and eye-stripe to the colour­ing and spot­ted un­der­tail coverts. We can’t quite count the tail feath­ers, which is a pity, as Cetti’s War­bler is un­usual among passer­ine birds in hav­ing only 10 tail feath­ers, rather than the more usual 12. Well spot­ted!

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