Bird Watching (UK) - - January Id Challenge -

Broadly speak­ing, most Euro­pean wood­peck­ers are ei­ther mem­bers of the genus Den­dro­co­pos (spot­ted wood­peck­ers) or Pi­cus (green wood­peck­ers). The for­mer are gen­er­ally black-and-white birds, usu­ally with some crim­son or pink on the un­der­parts and per­haps on the crown or nape. This bird is a clas­sic wood­pecker, but which one? The breast and belly are finely streaked with black, which nar­rows it down to Syr­ian, Lesser Spot­ted, Mid­dle Spot­ted and White-backed Wood­peck­ers. Pink on the lower belly re­moves Lesser Spot­ted from the equa­tion. The ‘open’ face, with no proper black mous­tachial stripe, points to Mid­dle Spot­ted Wood­pecker, which is con­firmed by the red crown lack­ing any black.

KEY FEA­TURES †Red crown with no black †Finely streaked un­der­parts †Un­der­parts washed with pink †Open face lack­ing mous­tachial stripe

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