Bird Watching (UK) - - January Id Challenge -

Here is an­other black-and-white wood­pecker, which, as stated be­fore, most likely puts it in the genus Den­dro­co­pos. It is perched at an in­con­ve­nient an­gle, but is show­ing enough to iden­tify it with con­fi­dence. The first thing that may strike you is that this wood­pecker has strik­ingly barred wings and back, rather than elon­gated white shoul­der patches. This should make you think of Lesser Spot­ted and White-backed Wood­peck­ers, and rules out the other species. But there is pink on the un­der­tail, which you would never see on an LSW. This is a White-backed Wood­pecker. You can just see the gap in the bar be­tween mous­tache and nape and the red crown, which means it is a male.

KEY FEA­TURES †Strik­ingly white-barred up­per­parts †Pink un­der­tail rules out Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker †Streaky flanks †Red crown con­firms this is a male

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