Bird Watching (UK) - - January Id Challenge -

So, we fin­ish with yet an­other black-and-white wood­pecker. This one is black and white with a red crown. Per­haps the most strik­ing fea­ture is the tiny, thin bill, which straight away im­plies this is a small bird, as the larger pied wood­peck­ers have long ro­bust chis­els for beaks. The next thing which you may no­tice is that there are no red or pink tones on the un­der­parts. This should iden­tify the bird almost on its own. The face is ‘open’ with no join be­tween the mous­tache and the nape. The back pat­tern is a bit messy, lack­ing clearly de­fined shoul­der patches. This is a typ­i­cal Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker and the red crown means it is a male.

KEY FEA­TURES †Tiny bill †No red on slightly streaked un­der­parts †Open face †Red crown of a male

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