Why are my gar­den Coal Tits so in­fre­quent?

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QIs there a rea­son why I only see Coal Tits on my gar­den feed­ers in­fre­quently? I as­sume they live close by, as they’re such small birds. I can’t imag­ine them trav­el­ling far, but they seem to come and go. Mrs A Smith

AThere could be a num­ber of rea­sons, not least that the Coal Tits that visit you might have a num­ber of good reg­u­lar food sources that they visit in ro­ta­tion. The most likely rea­son, though, is that they’re de­terred from vis­it­ing when larger birds are present. Coal Tits are eas­ily bul­lied off feed­ers by Blue Tits and Great Tits, let alone Chaffinches and Star­lings, so tend to make fly­ing vis­its – look closely and you’ll see that they gen­er­ally grab seeds from the feeder, then fly away to eat them in cover, rather than risk be­ing robbed by their larger cousins.

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