I saw this colour­ful bird while I was in Thailand – what is it, please?

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QCan you iden­tify this bird I pho­tographed in De­cem­ber, 100m in­land in ho­tel grounds bor­dered by rain­for­est on the west coast of Phuket is­land, Thailand? My Birds of South East Asia by Craig Rob­son doesn’t ap­pear to show it. I’m not even cer­tain of the fam­ily group, my ini­tial thoughts sug­gest it is a pitta, but it doesn’t look big enough. Roger Barns­ley

AIt’s a Brown-throated Sun­bird, also some­times known as the Plainthroated Sun­bird, a species found in semiopen habi­tat through­out South East Asia. This is a male (the fe­males are olive-green above and yel­low­ish be­low), and good iden­ti­fy­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics (com­pared to other sun­birds) are the heavy bill, and the gen­eral size of the bird (it’s a rel­a­tively sturdy, large sun­bird). Sun­birds are the Old World equiv­a­lent of hum­ming­birds, with those long bills used for ex­tract­ing nec­tar from flow­ers. Fruit and berries also make up part of its diet, and in­sect food is vi­tal for feed­ing young­sters.

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